Dec 05 2017

Skykomish Condo Development Project – Falls Apart

                The Monroe Monitor published ‘Speed Limit Could Halt Skykomish Development’ by Chris Hendrickson. Great Fake News article, and now… Here’s the Real Story: Sky Ruling Elites got snookered by BNSF Railway and Washington State Department of Ecology’s (WSDoE) Environmental cleanup scam into accepting financial responsibility for a …

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Dec 04 2017

Skykomish Mayor Tony Grider Seeks Exit Strategy

Skykomish Mayor Tony Grider, has successfully added the Destruction of the Town and Theft of the Skykomish Hotel to his resume, and it appears he’s now ready to move up the career ladder, offering this valuable new skill set to other towns and school districts interested in taking full advantage of the National Socialist agenda. …

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Dec 03 2017

Skykomish Town Attorney Sued for Perjury and Conspiracy

Town of Skykomish legal counsel, Carson Law Group, has been named in a complaint filed in Superior Court. Peter C. Ojala, one of the firm’s attorneys, was also named personally along with David S. Carson and process server, John Rashleigh. Plaintiffs, Skykomish Hotel, LLC, it’s principal and former agent allege Defendants presented sworn statements and …

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Dec 02 2017

BNSF Railway under Fire – Literally

According to BNSF Railway spokesperson Gus Melonas, the lead locomotive of a BNSF freight train was struck at least 15 times in a hail of gunfire from a highway vehicle pacing the train midway between Seattle and Spokane. Melonas said no one was injured and noted BNSF is offering a $5000 reward for information leading …

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Nov 28 2017

More Skykomish ‘Fairy Dust’ on the Way

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation (‘the Trust’) has invited King County high school students on a field trip to the Skykomish Hotel so ‘high school students can learn first-hand how to revitalize the structure as a viable, revenue-generating property to spark economic development’. This is the same taxpayer funded NGO that earlier, along with …

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Nov 27 2017

Daily Journal of Commerce – Crony Journalism

Journalistic endeavor starts with a blank page. Investigation, discovery, persistence and hard work birth a narrative. The story essentially tells itself. Make believe journalists, those whose real purpose is to serve crony capitalist masters, publish pieces like this crude fiction, which purports to be the labor of The Daily Journal of Commerce staff. This farce …

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Nov 26 2017

Corruption has Destroyed Skykomish

Dishonesty and corruption aren’t bad just because they’re against our Creator’s law; they’re wrong because they cause damage and injury to all parties, including perpetrators. Corruption destroys our inner soul and the very fabric of society. Skykomish’s desperate economic and social condition is not due exclusively to external influences, but rather its desire to achieve …

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Nov 25 2017

Skykomish – Deception at Deception Falls

Skykomish Mayor, Tony Grider, received kudos from Monroe Monitor reporter Chris Hendrickson in her article ‘Deception Falls Trails Open Again‘ which outlined how the Town would now be responsible for maintaining the trails. While it’s certainly great to see the trail open, let’s review the facts: This effort was reported as being necessary because the …

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Nov 24 2017

Henry Sladek/Cascadia Inn File Bankruptcy

‘Select’ Skykomish Council Member Henry Sladek, dba Cascadia Inn, filed for Chapter 13 Federal Bankruptcy Protection just one week after being named in a lawsuit alleging that Sladek and others used the Town of Skykomish, a Municipal Corporation, to effectuate Unfair Competition, Attempted Monopoly and Conspiracy in Restraint of Trade. Sladek’s financial problems appear long …

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Nov 23 2017

Stealing Other People’s Property is Popular

Washington State politicos have long been addicted to stealing other peoples’ property, preying mostly upon the elderly and others who are least able to defend themselves. This model involves taking assets from the non politically connected and redistributing them to political cronies, often using 501(c)3 front NGO organizations like as cover. The Skykomish Hotel …

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