Oct 02 2017

Skykomish Condo Development Project – Falls Apart

The Monroe Monitor published ‘Speed Limit Could Halt Skykomish Development’ by Chris Hendrickson. Great Fake News article, and now… Here’s the Real Story: Sky Ruling Elites got snookered by BNSF Railway and Washington State Department of Ecology’s (WSDoE) Environmental cleanup scam into accepting financial responsibility for a Wastewater Treatment Facility that town residents cannot afford. …

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Oct 01 2017

High School Valedictorian Gives Incredible Commencement Speech

It’s not everyday that we see individuals with the courage to speak their convictions. Here’s a young woman who understands the situation and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.   Full Text of Speech here. * * * * * Fair Use Notice: This website post may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available …

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Sep 30 2017

BNSF Railway under Fire – Literally

According to BNSF Railway spokesperson Gus Melonas, the lead locomotive of a BNSF freight train was struck at least 15 times in a hail of gunfire from a highway vehicle pacing the train midway between Seattle and Spokane. Melonas said no one was injured and noted BNSF is offering a $5000 reward for information leading …

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Sep 29 2017

Skykomish Mayor Tony Grider Seeks Exit Strategy

Now that Skykomish Mayor Tony Grider, has successfully added the destruction of the town and theft of the Skykomish Hotel to his resume, it appears he’s ready to move up the career ladder, offering this valuable new skill set to other towns and school districts interested in taking full advantage of the National Socialist agenda. …

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Sep 28 2017

Skykomish Town Attorney Sued for Perjury and Conspiracy

Town of Skykomish legal counsel, Carson Law Group, has been named in a complaint filed in Superior Court. Peter C. Ojala, one of the firm’s attorneys, was also named personally along with David S. Carson and process server, John Rashleigh. Plaintiffs, Skykomish Hotel, LLC, it’s principal and former agent allege Defendants presented sworn statements and …

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Sep 27 2017

Message for Skykomish

We consistently attended Skykomish Town Council meetings for many years. We even attended after being chased out of town, when BNSF Railway, the Town and Washington state’s Department of Labor & Industries cooperated to return the Skykomish Hotel (following completion of BNSF’s environmental cleanup hoax) to Hotel owners without operational utilities, as required. No longer …

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Sep 26 2017

Sanctimonious, Privileged, Middle Class Bigots

If you’re a member of Skykomish government, you should have no trouble getting the message being delivered by popular blogger Pat Condell.     * * * * * Fair Use Notice: This website post may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for news reporting, educational and other limited purposes only. This constitutes …

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Sep 25 2017

Hell’s Greatest Hoaxes (video)

All too many of today’s Christians believe serving our Creator means sitting once a week on soft padded pews, listening as preachers peddle the meme that we are here to serve Israel and ‘God’s Chosen People’. Following services, we go out for breakfast, come home, plop down in front of the tube, watch mega sporting …

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Sep 24 2017

False Flag & Crises Actors – A Full Time Career

‘False Flag Crisis actor’ BUSTED: Adriana Victoria Muñoz fully EXPOSED!!!!! It’s been a long and painful trip, but Americans finally have it figured out that JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations, along with 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Aurora, Oklahoma City, Columbine, Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris, Berlin, London, Charlottesville, Las Vegas, California fires, etc. were all …

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Sep 23 2017

BNSF Railway’s Warren Buffett Discusses Class Warfare

Here’s what the 1% thinks about the 99%: BNSF Railway owner and Skykomish Corporate Oligarch Warren Buffett says “There’s class warfare all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Warren Buffett – New York Times. Sky’s economy is toasted. This is no accident. Skykomish Ruling Elites have sold our town …

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