Apr 28 2014

Sex Offender Receives Cold Shoulder


Cole Franklin Younger is receiving the cold shoulder from many area residents after it was revealed he is living locally and working in Baring at Der Baring Store.

Younger stands convicted of physically and sexually assaulting a 2 year old, non familial male. On the night of the incident, Younger threatened and attacked the victim and his family. Younger was armed with a deadly weapon.

So far, the only positive comment regarding Younger’s presence in the community comes from Skykomish resident Andrea Dinsmore, who states: “Everyone I know deserves a second chance in life.”

Dinsmore’s point is well taken, but the violent nature of Younger’s crime must be carefully considered and weighed. The cost of finding out that Dinsmore’s compassion was misplaced could be catastrophic.

Cole Franklin Younger is a 45 year old, Level II Sex Offender, Registration #7337 and was convicted of:

RCW 9A.44.073 – Rape of a child in the first degree, a Class A. Felony; and RCW 9A.40.040 – Unlawful imprisonment, a Class C. Felony.

This is not the Sky area’s first experience with sex offenders.

Since it is difficult to ‘re-integrate’ sex offenders, especially violent ones, government officials are always looking for areas where they can ‘place’ offenders upon release from prison.

Earlier, government officials thought Skykomish would be a good place for the ‘re-integration process’. They were wrong.

When the community discovered that the first offender had arrived, a meeting was held in the school gymnasium so officials could explain the process to the standing room only crowd.

Things didn’t go as planned after it became apparent the State’s process was no process at all, and they were merely looking for a place to dump offenders.

Intensive questioning revealed that even though sex offenders are legally required to register their whereabouts with the State, few bother to do so. Law enforcement doesn’t follow up (surprise), so the government has no idea where thousands upon thousands of offenders actually live.

It is however, important to understand there is an even darker side to this entire issue.

Many of today’s sex offender and drug arrests are essentially being ‘manufactured’ by law enforcement in order to keep privately owned prisons full, confiscate private property which enriches police officers and law enforcement agencies, and to intentionally criminalize an increasing portion of the population, making it easier for crony capitalists to maintain control .

When it comes to safeguarding children, families and community, it’s business as usual… we’re pretty much on our own.

Update: Please see our followup article here.

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  • Cole

    This is cole younger, and I don’t know how you were able to for so much disinformation into one article. You make it sound as though I were just released from prison. I was released in 2007 and have had no convictions before, or since. I do not work at the baring store, I help them out cooking to keep myself busy and to help a local business but I am not a paid employee, he does let me eat the great food they have there. I was never convicted of assault.
    I have been living in this valley for two years and have never felt the”cold shoulder” you spoke of, for the most part people are more interested in the fact that I completed a sex offender treatment program and that I still see a therapist on a weekly basis. They are also more interested in the positive person I am now after 17 years clean and sober, that I keep my distance from children and that I moved to the middle of nowhere to be the least impact on any community.
    I am doing my best to be respectful of my community and for the most part the respect has been returned, except for the occasional local reporter who goes off half cocked or the occasional face book posting by some person who wants to judge me for the person I was 20 years ago and not by who I am today.
    I expect the community to keep a vigilant eye on me, I would, but I also expect not to be harassed either.
    I wish you the best as you continue to learn to be a better reporter.
    Sincerely, Cole

    • 5 minutes ill never get back

      This article is a joke and reflects upon the intelligence of skykomish as a whole. Congratulations on showing your true hillbilly inbred roots. The author of this narrative you fools call news, should give up on writing.

    • Cole, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comment. Best wishes.