Skykomish Blueprint

Building a Prosperous Future
Skykomish must demonstrate a friendly, assistive climate where entrepreneurs, businesses and families no longer need fear that investments will be depleted, squandered, captured, held hostage or stolen by neighbours and friends using .org and .gov partners as conduits.
Municipal Suicide efforts must be halted by Town officials. Skykomish desperately needs to wean itself from dependency upon outside gurus, eggheads, do-gooders, expensive consultants and the confiscation of private property for its boondoggle ‘Visions’.
Sky’s myriad of Central Planners love awards, plaques, attending endless committee, board, commission and department meetings.
Unfortunately, all this has destroyed our economy and depleted our treasury.
Let’s Develop and Provide:
  • Open, responsible, respectful, friendly governance
  • Safety & security for persons, property and investments
  • Affordable living that retains historic Sky traditions
  • Family friendly employment opportunities
  • Earth friendly, sustainable small business
  • Leading edge educational opportunities
Skykomish… It’s Time to Stand up for You, Your Town and America!