America and Skykomish in Ruins

Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Camden and other Once Great Cities Fall into the Ditch

Towns, as well as individual properties, become derelict when stakeholders (those with actual $$$ skin in the game) no longer believe the risk is worth the effort.

This usually  occurs when government places too many hurdles in the way. Hurdles consist of rules, regulations, taxes, fees and other restrictions that impose additional costs but fail to add real value.

Towns across America are lying prostrate today, filled with empty, derelict structures, because they’ve killed off the very entities that produce revenue.

Government doesn’t produce revenue, it merely redistributes revenue created by others. This has never been different, nor will it ever be.

Those waiting for the ‘brighter future’ that’s continually being promoted and promised by government, will in the end be disappointed.

When reality dawns, some may better understand what could have been had citizens gotten butts off bar stools and demanded their government stop killing their Town.

Beating small Business, Commercial Interests and Investors into submission will Not produce the Prosperity America seeks.

The New Reality For U.S. Cities’ appeared in today’s Economic Collapse. It’s a great article, but what I found so fascinating was the reply from one reader, Hegel’s Dialectic, which is reprinted below.

This response sums up one individual’s perspective on America. While his take may prove too much for many Skykomish citizens, it can shed some light on what Sky could have been had several Mayors, numerous Council members and other Government Stooges not sold out to powerful oligarchs like Warren Buffett and the notion that prosperity comes from government.

from HegelsDialectic:

“It is my belief that something like 95% of the human race walk around Planet Earth with their heads up their butts and this is how they die—never knowing what the hell is really going on.

Ron Paul is a lifetime politician from a small district in Texas. If he was a real threat to the big boys he would have been run out of office many years ago. He and his also masonic son are damned Judas goats, sometimes called “controlled opposition.” But Americans have a “

Sesame Street” attention span. Many have already forgotten that Paul the elder took the people’s money and coped out in the last presidential election a la Ross Perot years before him (another Texas fake).

Ron Paul talks about “getting rid of the Federal Reserve,” I mean, anybody who was not part of the free mason/bankster system and said he wants to “get rid of the Federal Reserve”, wouldn’t last more than a week (remember JFK, James Garfield, and Abe Lincoln?). He’d be assassinated so fast; a real man (not a phony puppet politician) would be assassinated so fast he wouldn’t know what hit him. In fact he’d have to get a security team, picked by himself, and hide somewhere else, while he took over. And Ron Paul supports the “official lie” of 9-11. That was my litmus test that he is just another Ross Perot false opposition leader in the pockets of the banksters.

Use your common sense. The electoral process is kabuki theater. Major media and PR scoundrels manipulate the public mind. Everything is pre-scripted and pre-packaged. Secrecy and back room deals substitute for a free, fair and open process.

Candidates are pre-selected. Big money owns them. Key outcomes are predetermined. Duopoly power serves the privileged. Voters get the best democracy money can buy. Horse race journalism and trivia substitute for addressing real issues fairly, fully, and accurately.

The 1913 Federal Reserve Act let powerful bankers usurp America’s money system in violation of the Constitution’s Article I, Section 8, giving only Congress the power to “coin Money (and) regulate the Value thereof….” Thereafter, they victimized working Americans by using money, credit and debt for private self-enrichment by bankrolling and colluding with Congress and administrations to implement laws favoring them. Very few people, in this present day, widely read or think critically (most probably due to our modern-day TV). And very few people dig deeply into the matters which concern this country.

The News Media is the MAIN SOURCE of information to most people in the world today. People don’t want to take the time or effort to find out the truth for themselves, so they put their trust in the Government Officials and the News Media, which distorts and withholds the truth and is the #1 avenue that this DECEPTION filters through! 13 Illuminati/banking families have been milking us for centuries.

We are quite literally their “cattle” i.e. goyim. Wars are started to increase the debt and cull the herd. The goal is to cull the herd to 500 million and chip the remnant. These families and their henchmen own 80% of the world’s wealth and do nothing useful yet believe the impoverished majority are parasites.

If our governments weren’t run by their lackeys, they would protect the people and let these “oligarchic families” twist in the wind. This whole situation with the Illuminati is a spiritual battle.. Light versus Darkness… Those who work in Darkness fear the Light more than anything.

The whole ideal of Spiritual Law is to make Light manifest. In other words “expose the unfruitful works of darkness…” (Eph 5:11).In an election dynamic controlled by a two party system in which both parties represent the top 1% or less of global elitists, and not the people, voting on the national level is hardly meaningful or effective.

Therefore, regardless of how we vote, the system is designed to continue forward in the construction of a surveillance society. Our government today is NOT elected by the people. Not as long as the false left/right paradigm remains.

Under the Patriot Act the president has the right to detain ANYONE whether law abiding or not . They can detain you for absolutely nothing with no charges or even being a suspect. They can hold you for ever without any being done.

The U.S.A. is already under the NWO and is a full blown police state. They are just waiting for the “right major crises” (as David Rockefeller puts it) to enact all these Draconian laws that have already been passed under the noses of the American people.

Some of these laws were passed as far back as the Woodrow Wilson administration, such as the law against citizens possessing gold or silver once the excrement hits the fan and Martial Law goes into effect. The Hegalian Dialect: Control thru duality. Guide and manage a conflict and chaos so both sides have the same destination(order). It symbolizes a pyramid meaning left thesis vs. right thesis =middle thesis. 1 leads to 2 leads to 3.The 3rd is possible because of and NOT insipid of the 2 opposing sides.

The whole world has been colonized, mentally, spiritually and physically by the Rothschild central banking cartel. “Terrorism” is artificially created as a pretext to impose this physical bondage on humanity. Just yesterday, the US Chief of Staff said the Pakistan ISIS is behind attacks on Americans in Afghanistan. Who is funding ISIS? The CIA and MI-6. Who funding the CIA and MI-6? The central banking cartel.

Any politician (Ron Paul, etc), president who would seriously consider or try to create debt free paper script (money) by using the treasury would end up with a bullet in the head. Lincoln ended up with a bullet from Booth (banking cartel minion) for creating and using usury free American Greenbacks ($449,338,902 in total).

Kennedy got his head blown off in Dallas for having the US treasury print US Dollar Treasury Notes (debt free public US Treasury Notes and not usury, private Federal Reserve Notes).

As an apostate Christian nation, America is ripe for destruction. Defeat, humiliation and abuse by alien armies are on the progressive list of judgments God promises to bring upon nations that have turned from Him (Dt 8:all; 28:15ff; Ps 9:17).

The American church does not know how to repent; it has so thoroughly forsaken God and his Word. They are 501c3 government yoked WARMONGERS. Jesus Christ commanded His followers to “love not the world” and to “love their enemies” not join the banker owned military and fight in their STAGED wars.

Impeach your leaders. They are behind 9-11, Oklahoma city bombings, the first world trade center bombings ten years earlier, Pearl Harbour, Boston Tea Party, and every other event which kicked off a major war or crisis.CNN, FOX and every news agency get their news from the Associated Press and Reuters, owned by…..Rothschild’s.

There is no fuel shortage, just a huge stockpile of hidden oils and gasses being hoarded by the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s. They want you to buy big SUV’s and guzzle gas to make it look like it was YOUR fault we seem to have no natural resources. Yet Bush voted against emission controls! WHY? Now you are catching on. Not to mention that Ford, Chrysler, GM and so on are subsidiaries of Standard Oil, which is owned by Rockefeller’s. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Stop buying records and movies. They are ALL owned by Illuminati. RCA, Columbia, Motown records are subsidiaries of Zodiac Productions, subsidiary of Brennar Enterprises, subsidiary of Chase Manhattan Bank, subsidiary of Standard Oil, subsidiary of Lords of London owned by Rothschild’s. you get the point. Columbia, paramount, MGM etc. can all be traced up different routes to the same owning source. check it out.

Illegal alien migration into the United States costs American taxpayers $346 billion annually reported by the National Research Council. While employers of illegal aliens rake-in billions of dollars, the US citizens subsidize what may be called organized “Slavery in 21st Century America.”

While Congress facilitates outsourcing, in-sourcing and offshoring of American jobs by the thousands weekly, that same Congress imports 182,000 legal immigrant monthly who need jobs. Another estimated 100,000 illegal aliens arrive each month without jobs.

All those immigrants seize jobs from American citizens at slave wages. They don’t pay any income taxes, either working for cash or stealing a social security # then claiming Maximum dependents.

They are cheating LAWFUL business owners by helping the low lives who employ them to circumnavigate the need to pay social security taxes, payroll taxes and unemployment taxes.(just to name a few ways the taxes don’t get paid).

The Rothschild’s and other powerful Jewish families were aggressively involved with the slave trade from Africa, importing slaves to North and South America as well as the Caribbean. They were very careful not to import Blacks from the eastern areas of Ethiopia or Sudan where the descendants of Solomon were located, instead concentrating on western and central Africa for the slave populations. These areas had the pure mixture of Anunnaki and simian genetics, and the programming desirable for the Illuminati agenda.

The Rothschild’s decided that splitting the United States colonies would double their profits. So they politically created, and financially supported, the Civil War. The Civil War was actually a global ceremonial ritual to bring slavery to its next level. This war allowed the North to win, and publicly abolish slavery. The best slaves are the ones who do not realize that they are slaves. This alleviates rebellion and resistance

Since the Civil War, there have been other staged wars that entrenched the trend toward globalization. The Spanish-American War of 1898-1899 acquired more land for the American Illuminati, placing a greater portion of the Earth’s surface under American jurisdiction.

World War I was designed to change the map of Europe as well as test germ and chemical warfare technology for future use. This coincided with the worldwide influenza outbreak designed to reduce the global population, making control easier.

World War II was a test of the final globalization and extermination projects. It was also designed to test mind-control machinations; to test the use of fluoride which deadens brain activity and slows resistance to authority; to experiment with slave labor camps and study the development of resistance; and to teach the masses to spy and report on one another.

Skykomish… It’s Time to Stand up for You, Your Town, America and Mankind!