Skykomish Ruling Elites

98288 – More than Just a Zip Code

Skykomish's economy has been destroyed and the community saddled with catastrophic environmental pollution. It’s really ugly.

Town government, along with King County’s nefarious taxpayer funded NGO,, are now desperately trying to revive Sky's carcass by morphing the town into a Taxpayer Funded 'Utopian Artist’s Community' for Sex Offenders, Welfare Immigrants, Grant Junkies & Trustfunders.

Let's meet some of the Rothschild mind controlled zombies who are working so very hard to make this happen:

Corporate Oligarch Warren Buffett owns most of America, including criminal organizations like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and serial polluter BNSF Railway, the largest land owner in Amerika behind the Federal Government. BNSF has severely contaminated the soil and groundwater beneath Skykomish and numerous other communities with Diesel Oil, Bunker Fuel, PCBs and Heavy Metals.

Elite Banksters, powerful Corporate Oligarchs, the Military/Industrial Complex, our now Militarized Law Enforcement and Government Parasites like are enslaving once proud, prosperous and free peoples as part of their New World Order, Deep State, Zionist agenda.

This Fascist/Communist Rule is an assault upon Skykomish, America, the ‘Rule of Law’, Mankind, the Cosmos and Creation itself.

Journalists, whistleblowers and patriots like JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Gavin Seim, Chelsea Manning, LaVoy Finicum, Michael Hastings, Aaron Swartz, Ross Ulbricht, the Bundy family, Nasim Aghdam, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden and others are systematically hunted down, attacked, tortured, imprisoned, suicided, heart attacked, car accidented and shot in cold blood, while real traitors like the Rothschild family and their stooges Warren Buffett, the Bush family, the Obama's, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Bibi Netanyahu, the Clintons, Podestas and Trump's party on, robbing us blind, enslaving us and horrifically abusing, spirit-cooking and sacrificing our children.

This Enslavement isn’t occurring in secret, in the dark of night or out of the clear blue. Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity are being pilfered bit by bit in broad daylight, right in front of our noses.

The above photos were not taken in Nazi Germany.

These are Americans giving the Nazi salute, parading in Nazi uniforms and striking up Nazi bands in front of George Washington’s image at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 1939 just prior to the outbreak of World War 2.

Fascism and Communism are no strangers to America. Today, they prefer to go by the more politically correct and fashionable name ‘Public Private Partnership‘ (PPP).

Maintaining Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity has never been easy, America has struggled right from the start, July 4th 1776, when our courageous founders Declared Independence from the British Crown.

It’s going to take more than lapel pins, bullshit investigations, special persecutors, bumper stickers, flying the flag or standing at attention when the Star Spangled Banner is played to restore America.

Those seeking to enslave us are deeply committed, extremely well funded, powerful and never further than next door or around the corner.

There are no coincidences or accidents here, these monsters are part of a well orchestrated operation that presents a clear and present danger to Skykomish, our nation and humanity.

Don’t take our word for it. Watch the Skykomish Municipal Suicide series on YouTube, and begin to get a national and international perspective.

It’s Time to Stand up for Yourself, Your Children, America and Mankind!

Todd Brunner Council Position 1
Todd Brunner
Council Position #1

Sitting on Town Council obviously facilitates getting first dibs on lucrative taxpayer funded projects.

As Brunner Construction hoovers up $Big Bucks in Sky, you'll want to keep an extra firm grip on your wallet.

Todd also likes repeating 4Culture lies designed to obfuscate Sky's ugly, polluted, dystopic, thieving reality.

Thanks 4Culture for introducing Todd to Sky's taxpayer funded goldmine!

Shelly Diane Farnham Council Position #2
Shelly Diane Farnham
Council Position #2

4Culture Toadie, Pet and general Societal Parasite whose fingers appear glued to the Taxpayer Cookie Jar.

Loves getting paws on oodles of Grant Funding to perform the many miracles described in her incredibly awesome 18 page Curriculum Vitae.

Just imagine the miracles you too could perform with unfettered access to the taxpayer feeding trough? 

Shelly's clearly a cut above Mother Theresa (at least to hear her tell about it). Thanks 4Culture! 

Kevin Wiederstrom Council Position #3
Kevin Weiderstrom
Council Position #3

4Culturally dependent child caught up in an adult body.

Kevin depends on funding to keep the wheels from falling off his 'Kiddie Choo-Choo Train' (Great Northern & Cascade Railway).

Gotta hand it to Kev for figuring out how to jump on the  4Culture bandwagon and turn this money losing boondoggle into a lucrative taxpayer funded career for himself.

Kevin has recently been named 'Sky Valley Parasite of the Year'.

Thanks 4Culture!

Frank Martin Council Position #4
Frank Martin
Council Position #4

Self described "snowboarder, mountaineer, brand ambassador and defender of all things awesome" who travels the world snowboarding with his Life Partner and their Young Boy.

Amazingly, received Town and County OK to 'restore' Sky's 'Historic Theater' into this progressive family's newest home, despite the property being located in the Commercial Historic District, and the renovation bearing absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the historic theater building.

Having the right connections sure can make life fun and easy.

Be sure and check out Frank on Instagram, he's a one man dynamo. Thanks 4Culture!

Henry Sladek Council Position #5
Henry Sladek
Council Position #5

Henry's been a staunch and loyal friend to BNSF Railway and 4Culture for many years, one of several legacy Council members to be caught illegally accepting money from BNSF in exchange for supporting the Railroad's 'Preferred Clean-up Plan' (which was no clean-up at all).

No one can claim greater responsibility for Sky's severe environmental pollution and dystopic economy than Henry.

Without 4 Culture's steady drip of financial heroin, one can only imagine where Henry would be today? Thanks 4Culture!

Mayor Tony Grider
Alan A. (Tony) Grider

Sky's proven to be a great Dumping Ground for 'down on their luck' educators, no longer able to cut it in the real world.

They blow into town, and despite having no investment or stake in the community, quickly get appointed to Mayor, Council or one of Sky's many Boards, Commissions and Blue Ribbon Panels. After doing a whole bunch of damage, they send out resumes in order to hook their next victim. Thanks 4Culture!

Former Mayor Fred Black
Fred Black
Former Mayor

Mayor Black's anger management training was obviously an Epic Fail. Guessing he finished at the bottom of the class. Check out Mayor Black Resigns Unexpectedly. One can only imagine the Meds this dude was on.

If you want to see this stone cold Nazi dictator in action with steam coming out of his ears, check out our Skykomish Municipal Suicide series on YouTube.

Mayor Fred - a real Wack Job!