Skykomish Hotel Crucifixion

Skykomish Hotel Crucifixion

The ‘Taking’ of the Skykomish Hotel

Town of Skykomish, along with neighbours and friends dressed as .org and .gov partners like, launched an aggressive, concerted effort to take the Skykomish Hotel following Washington State Department of Ecology’s (WSDoE) disastrous BNSF Railway environmental remediation scam that left soil and ground water beneath the town severely polluted with Diesel Oil and Bunker Fuel, and seriously damaged or destroyed structures, including the historic Skykomish Hotel, leaving it uninhabitable, subject to flooding and without operational utilities.

First, the Town prevents the Hotel’s restoration for over a decade, then along with WSDoE, causes millions of dollars in damage to the Hotel, then blames Hotel owners for Neglect, then demands Hotel owners make the Town whole, then threatens to ‘take’ the Hotel as part of their new Town Center ‘Vision’, then threatens to demolish the Hotel and then sues the Hotel and numerous unrelated parties.

You guys seem to have this economic development thing ass backwards. It’s time to put the crack pipe down.

A decade of holding the Hotel hostage to others’ follies wasn’t enough, as the Town said it wanted more. This latest assault meant continued economic hardship for Sky and the landmarked Skykomish Hotel.

Efforts to damage the Hotel, disenfranchise Hotel owners and tenants from living, working, raising families, owning property and voting in Skykomish met with stiff resistance.

Is stealing valuable private properties the right or prudent thing to do? Sky has already paid a heavy price for venturing down this slippery slope.

Is today’s much touted ‘Public/Private Partnership’ (PPP) fad between corporate giants like Warren Buffett’s BNSF Railway and government just the same old 1930’s Fascist Nazi pig in a pretty new dress?

Fascism is the melding of wealthy private corporate oligarchs with government ruling elite parasites to serve Rothschild Khazarian Mafia banksters.

Fascism swept through much of Europe and America prior to the outbreak of World War 2, cloaking itself in the more appealing term ‘National Socialism’.

Crowds waved and cheered with glee at the ‘new age’ that was upon them.

Skykomish… It’s Time to Stand up for You, Your Town and America!