Aug 07 2015

Crony Journalism

Journalistic endeavor starts with a blank page. Investigation, discovery, persistence and hard work birth a narrative. The story essentially tells itself. Make believe journalists, those whose real purpose is to serve crony capitalist masters, publish pieces like this crude fiction, which purports to be the labor of The Daily Journal of Commerce staff. This farce …

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Aug 01 2015

More ‘Fairy Dust’ on the Way

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation (‘the Trust’) has invited King County high school students on a field trip to the Skykomish Hotel so ‘high school students can learn first-hand how to revitalize the structure as a viable, revenue-generating property to spark economic development’. This is the same taxpayer funded NGO that earlier, along with …

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Jul 22 2015

Pure Evil – Skykomish Style

The following story recently went viral. It’s not about a manifest injustice, although that most certainly occurred in spades. Rather, it is about the purely evil intent and actions of three individuals: a young woman trying to play out a twisted fantasy, a prosecuting attorney who knew she was seeking to imprison a man she …

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May 28 2015

Drinking and Drugging in Skykomish

Skykomish School District 404, which already has more teachers, staff, supervisors, administrators and public relations personnel than students, has now retained Stacy McGrath as Drug and Alcohol Intervention and Prevention Specialist to head their Drug and Alcohol Prevention Team. Yes, alcohol and drug abuse is so rampant that additional staff is needed, despite the fact …

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Mar 27 2015

Honesty, Integrity, Square Dealing

  Dishonesty and corruption aren’t bad just because they’re against God’s law; they’re wrong because they cause damage and injury to all parties, including perpetrators. Corruption destroys the very fabric of society. Skykomish’s desperate economic and social condition is not due to external influences, but rather its desire to achieve goals by dishonest, corrupt and …

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Mar 16 2015

Skykomish Hotel Stolen (video)

            Reading the Skykomish Hysterical Society’s post regarding Friday’s Sheriff Sale of the Skykomish Hotel, one might be tempted to think the buyer, Town of Skykomish, was the successful, winning bidder. 1. Let’s remember, the Hysterical Society is a bought and paid for mouthpiece of King County’s taxpayer funded, …

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Feb 25 2015

Free Lunch at the Skykomish Hotel (Video)

Those working to steal the Skykomish Hotel should remember: There is no free lunch. The true cost of something isn’t always appreciated until later. Be careful what you wish. The Skykomish Valley is a well known stronghold of Satanic worship. Lucifer holds sway here. If you are ready to join the dark side, Skykomish is …

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Feb 24 2015

Mayor Tony Grider Seeks Exit Strategy

Now that Skykomish Mayor Tony Grider, has successfully added the destruction and theft of the Skykomish Hotel to his resume, it appears he’s ready to move up the career ladder, offering this valuable new skill set to other towns and school districts (he also teaches civics) interested in taking full advantage of the National Socialist …

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Feb 23 2015

Consent of the Governed is being Withdrawn

Dr. Martin Luther posted his ’90-5 Theses’ on Wittenburg Germany’s Roman Catholic Church Door in 1517, protesting the Church’s common practice of selling indulgences. This seemingly simple act began what would become known as the Protestant Reformation. Recently, a group of over 100 fully armed Patriots openly defied a new Washington State gun law and …

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Feb 22 2015

Government Cowers in Fear

As over 100 protestors gathered at the capital in Olympia, Governor Jay Inslee and legislators like Dan Kristiansen and Kirk Pearson were nowhere to be found, nor were the State Police, as these fully armed patriots openly flouted a recently passed state gun law, albeit an unconstitutional one. As evidenced by the buildup up of …

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