Mar 18 2018

Skykomish Commits Municipal Suicide

Transcript of speech by Skykomish Hotel owner before the Liberty Forum in Bellevue, WA: Thank you for your kind invitation. It is an honour and pleasure to speak before you this evening regarding the Skykomish Hotel disaster. Having never met, you and I nevertheless share a common bond… recognition that the ‘self’ in self-government refers …

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Mar 17 2018

Warren Buffett & BNSF Railway – Public Enemy #1

Warren Buffett has been marketed as a smart, folksy, grandfatherly ‘Value Investor’, but the truth is, this ugly, greedy monster corrupts everything he touches and cares about just one thing: MONEY. Buffett owns BNSF Railway, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank and hundreds of other mega corporations, many of which are routinely charged with and …

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Mar 16 2018

Skykomish Hotel Theft – Complete… for now

The theft of the Skykomish Hotel has been completed, at least for now. The Skykomish Hotel was not donated to the Town of Skykomish. The Skykomish Hotel was not sold to the Town of Skykomish. The Town of Skykomish did not buy the Skykomish Hotel. The Skykomish Hotel was STOLEN! Every thought, word and deed …

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Mar 15 2018

Skykomish Gets Major Re-branding

Skykomish receives major re-branding to a ‘Gold Star certified NAMBLA Friendly’ community! Sky has definitely needed a warmer, fuzzier, friendlier public image for some time now. Its ‘Public Private Partnership’ with Warren Buffett’s BNSF Railway, Washington State Department of Ecology and nefarious King County NGO has left the town Busted, Broken and severely Polluted. Earlier …

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Mar 14 2018

Skykomish Environmental Scam – Exposed

Environmental Scam Exposed!  Skykomish Remains Severely Polluted Political Elites and ‘Select Citizens’ gathered at the public’s Maloney General Store to celebrate completion of BNSF Railway’s Skykomish Environmental Cleanup. The ‘invitation only’ event had been heralded up and down the Skykomish Valley. Department of Ecology says this has been Washington State’s largest and most complex Environmental Cleanup. We believe it more accurate to …

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Mar 13 2018

Skykomish – Polluted, Corrupted Potemkin Village

Skykomish is a Polluted, Corrupted Potemkin Village. ‘Potemkin Village’: a place where deliberate action has been taken to make it appear ‘everything is normal’ when in fact it is anything but… ‘a purposeful deception designed to obfuscate the facts and hide the truth’. Fake News for a Fake Town The Monroe Monitor continues to publish …

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Mar 12 2018

Skykomish Wastewater Treatment Facility – Disaster!

Sky’s new wastewater treatment facility is an official disaster area. Rick Aydelotte’s successful lawsuit against the Town and elected Officials proved that several Town officials had illegally accepted money from Warren Buffett’s BNSF Railway in exchange for agreeing to BNSF terms and conditions. Negative consequences are already apparent for Town revenues and economic development efforts. Corporate Oligarchs …

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Mar 11 2018

Skykomish Historic Town Center Project – Doomed

Sky’s much ballyhooed Historic Town Center project is fatally flawed… Doomed before it even gets off the ground. Recent media coverage has underscored the fact that a major seismic event is overdue in the Pacific Northwest and could occur at any time. Property damage and loss of life estimates are on a scale that is …

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Mar 10 2018

The Skykomish Hotel Story

Some would have you believe the Skykomish Hotel is in its present, unfortunate condition for reasons that are difficult to explain or understand. Others would have you believe the Hotel’s owner is a nasty scrounger who neglected this wonderful piece of history and simply refused to do the ‘right thing’ no matter how hard the …

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Mar 09 2018

Skykomish Alcohol and Drug Abuse – Out of Control

Alcohol and Drug Abuse are so rampant in Sky that additional staff is needed, despite the fact that Sky, a veritable ghost town, only has 5 businesses: two bars, two liquor/convenience stores and a laundromat. Skykomish School District 404, which already has more teachers, staff, supervisors, administrators and public relations personnel than students, has retained …

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