Change the World and Skykomish

It’s Closer than You Think

Many have lived through too many elections already. Republicans and Democrats alike have seen candidates’ promises of a better tomorrow evaporate before their eyes. Hope and Change has become Hoax and Chains.

We’ve allowed ourselves to become enslaved by corporate oligarchs, Wall Street banksters, fraudsters and ruling elites who, while promising better tomorrows, deliver divisiveness, class warfare, debt, tax increases and general malaise.

This picture shows just a few of our largest corporations that haven’t paid even one dollar in taxes over the past three years.

Oligarchs, like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates say they want to pay more in taxes, but that appears to be ‘code’ for them wanting us to pay more so they can continue dancing on our heads.

It always comes back like a boomerang. The vehicle for real change is within us as individuals. The world will only change for the better when we take individual responsibility and make the individual commitment to change ourselves for the better.

Skykomish has seen many elections promising better tomorrows, but our economy, educational system and social institutions have continued their downhill ride, until it’s questionable whether we even have a town any longer.

The malaise we’re experiencing locally, nationally and globally demonstrates failure by those lucky enough to have the responsibility of governing themselves.

If we don’t begin to take individual responsibility seriously, we may not have this burden of self government much longer.

The Rule of Law does matter. This will become more apparent should we choose to continue jettisoning it.

We’re great fans and followers of James Altucher. We like the unique perspective, but especially love his honesty. Read his Post.

Skykomish… It’s Time to Stand up for You, Your Town and America!