Real Friends of Skykomish


‘Friends of Skykomish’, a Facebook fan page devoted to self-immolation, ranting and hurling insults, has a new competitor, ‘Real Friends of Skykomish’.

Rick Aydelotte, the face behind the new fan page, is a longtime resident and knows the ropes. Like others who have fallen out of favour with the ‘tavern crowd’, Rick has become prey for a vengeful Town government and corrupt King County Sheriff’s Department.

There’s no dispute that Skykomish needs all the friends it can get.

Productive Skykomish long ago went on strike, took to the lifeboats and fled the scene. Entitlement, disability and welfare classes left on board muse at the taverns about keeping their sinking town afloat.

If you thought a town in such dire straits might have learned a thing or two along the way, you’d be wrong. Instead of being friendly, responsive and helpful, Sky continues to crucify those not politically in sync, working judiciously to steal their private property.

OPM (other people’s money) remains Sky’s stock and trade. Private property rights, have been abrogated in favour of King County political juice, today’s currency for success.

Got no juice… Sky can be a hard place to do business or call home. Municipal Suicide is still very much the fashion.

Will ‘Real Friends of Skykomish’ become more than just another venue for self-destructive behaviour? Only time will tell.

If drinking, ranting, railing, hurling insults, launching zingers and blaming others were righteous, Sky would already be an unmitigated success.

Below is an exchange between Rick Aydelotte and Sky Mayor Tony Grider. Keep in mind that Mayor Grider also teaches ‘civics’ to Sky’s precious children.

Imagine our next generation learning the ‘American Political Process’ from this rube. What chance will they have in a 21st century society and economy?

_ _ _ _ _

From: Rick Aydelotte
Sent: ‎11/‎23/‎2013 8:29 AM
To: Tony Grider; Town of Skykomish; <>
Subject: Fence 305 and 307 west river drive.

I am building a fence on my property line in the front of 305 and 307 west river drive. The town has been aware of this intention since prior to August 20 2013.

The mayor of skykomish Tony Grider told me I do not need a permit from the town of skykomish.  I am installing the fence presently. If you have any objection please state it as it is costly to mobilize and demobilize equipment materials and labor.
I have provided the town with a current survey. Shown the building inspector and mayor the survey spikes in the ground. The survey has in no way been disputed to my knowledge. It is my intent to install the fence just inside this line.

I recognize Kathy McGowan , planning commission member and her current tennent, a town employee wishes to continue to use town property for her private parking at my expense and this is unacceptable to me. I believe the current Tennent is related to the town clerk as well. This in my opinion has colored the towns actions.

Additionally with the difficulties historically with the town destroying my dingy at a cost of $1200 with its snow plow and other private and personal you are hereby notified not to pile or place  snow or allow the snow plow or any town employee or agent to trespass on my private property.

Rick Aydelotte.

_ _ _ _ _

On Nov 23, 2013, at 12:42 PM, Tony <> wrote:


It is your responsibility to research and follow the Skykomish Municipal Code and other laws. According to what you are suggesting, no you may not build a fence as you describe. Further, anything that could be damaged as a result of snow removal equipment keeping the street clear should be moved right away to prevent unnecessary damage.

Thank you,
Tony Grider

_ _ _ _ _

On 2013-11-24 4:11 PM, Rick Aydelotte wrote:

Tony I recommend you cite relevant statutes. I found nothing in your codes preventing a fence on private property. I will be bringing my track hoe to dig footings for the fence, up shortly and you should seek immediate legal injunctive relief if you believe my plan to build a fence within my private property boundary is contrary to town ordinance. I could find no ordinance preventing me from building a fence. Please clearly state your case why I should not be allowed to use my property as I see appropriate for a fence.

Just because the clerks relatives, your employee, wants to use town property for private parking at my expense. This isn’t adequate reason to prevent me using my property as I wish. I wish a delightful fence which will be fun and mark property boundaries will protect me from intentional harm which I have suffered in the past. Good fences make good neighbors.

Your behavior not letting me in from the cold fifteen minutes prior to the meeting making me wait I. 20 degree weather while letting other residents wait in warmth and comfort is a clear indicator of your intent to harass.

If you are teaching the same rules don’t apply to all citizens then you need to be fired from teaching civics.

Rick Aydelotte

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