Skykomish Guru Warren Buffett verses America’s New Serfs

Percentages of Wealth

Warren Buffett, BNSF Railway’s owner, perpetuates the belief that his ascendancy to the 1% is due to superior intellect, business acumen, discipline, perseverance and other desirable qualities.

Mainstream media promotes Buffett’s ‘Rags to Riches’ story, but as the life blood of the middle class is sucked dry by such vampires, America’s new feudal serfs are beginning to peek behind the curtain, and they don’t like what they see.

The dirty, ugly reality is that election to the 1% appears largely based upon campaign contributions, political connections, insider information, preferential government guaranteed loans, bailouts, lobbyists, political PAC funding, who you know and who you blow.

This article ‘America Can’t Afford The Future’, which includes the video ‘Wealth Inequality in America’, presents the hard facts behind this stark reality which are at extreme odds with what most Americans believe.

Not only are the 1%’s blood sucking vampires stealing our wealth, they’re proud of what they’re doing, as evidenced by Warren Buffet, owner of BNSF Railway, mocking of the 99%.