Skykomish Hotel Responds to Building Inspector’s Order

Latest Attempt to ‘Take’ Skykomish Hotel

The Town’s latest manoeuvre to ‘Take’ the Skykomish Hotel turned out to be just another illegal farce perpetrated by Ruling Elites hell bent on subverting our Constitution, destroying the Rule of Law and abetting Banksters, Fraudsters and Oligarchs in bringing Skykomish and America to its knees.





Town of Skykomish
PO Box 308 
Skykomish, WA 98288-0308

Re:  Illegal Building Inspector Hearing

Town of Skykomish:

In response to your Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order subsequent to the September 19, 2011 Building Department Hearing (‘Hearing’), on behalf of my client, Skykomish Hotel LLC (‘Hotel’), please be advised:

1.      The Hearing and Proceedings regarding the Hotel were illegal in that the Town of Skykomish (‘Town’) remains in violation of SMC Section 15.25.070 by its failure to notify the Lender of Record regarding issues, proceedings, hearings, etc. Any actions taken by the Town, including placement of liens are illegal and will be treated as trespass and violation of due process.

2.      I am prevented from adequately and properly representing my client (Hotel) due to previous illegal actions by the Town and a King County Deputy Sheriff. While I am working to resolve this, I’m presently unable to properly represent the Hotel regarding Skykomish public proceedings. My civil rights have been violated and my client is unable to receive proper representation.     

3.      The Video Recording of the Hearing (Part #1) (Part #2) shows the same, tired choreographed actors performing on cue, albeit with poor execution. This ‘so called’ Hearing appears little more than the Town’s latest maneuvering to ‘take’ the Hotel.

Despite initial statement from the chair that such comments and discussions would not be allowed, numerous individuals, including Mayor Black, misstated facts, intentionally misled, slandered and lied regarding issues. Many questions and much discussion had no relevance whatsoever to the proceedings at hand.

Town of Skykomish


Page Two 

Town Attorney, David Carson, sat passively as destruction of the good name and reputation of the Hotel and its owner took place. He appears particularly culpable in that he had direct knowledge and information contradicting many of the statements made, especially by Mayor Black. Mr. Carson chose not to read the Hotel’s response to the Town aloud so those in attendance could understand there was another side to the story. Mr. Carson’s failures certainly prejudiced any opportunity for a fair and impartial hearing and airing of the facts.

4.      As this illegal and prejudicial farce played out, it became clear there are no life-safety issues regarding the Hotel. Recent construction of sidewalks and curbs immediately adjacent to the Hotel and beneath the Hotel’s soffits and balconies demonstrates that both the Town and BNSF’s contractor felt perfectly safe working around and under areas the Town is attempting to promote as life-safety threats.

The Building Inspector clarified that his structural concerns applied in the event of an earthquake. What does the Building Inspector’s examination reveal regarding other structures subject to seismic activity?

One neighbour discussed blowing shingles as a potential hazard, but stated that winds were so strong that he could just as easily have been threatened by a blowing tree limb, etc. Curiously, no mention was made of BNSF’s cyclone fence installation between the Hotel and his property which we reported to BNSF months ago as being damaged by winds and needing repair under Mayor Black’s announced ‘BNSF Home Warranty Plan’. That fence has been completely blown down by the wind (see picture attached).

Purported fire issues proved to be nonexistent, especially since the building was returned to owners following environmental remediation without operational utilities. 

Be advised that I, the Hotel and its owners take illegal actions and threats to person, property rights, civil rights and the ability to legally conduct business very seriously.

Such actions will continue to be met with fierce opposition. Aggressive action will be forthcoming against the Town, culpable officials and individuals.

Such remedies will include, but are not limited to, legal action for conspiracy to discriminate, harass, retaliate, defraud, deny civil rights and due process and violation of Washington State and U.S. public information acts, as the Town continues to be non-responsive to numerous legal requests for documents and information.

Yours truly,