Skykomish Isn’t Alone

One doesn’t have to look very far to see how rapidly our world is changing. Mankind is awakening with a thunder! Skykomish will join the party whether it likes it or not.


Hi. I’m Megan Baker.

The Rule of Law, allowed Americans to achieve tremendous social progress and a high standard of living.

Our nation stood as a shining beacon against oppression, corruption and tyranny for over two hundred years.

Unfortunately, we have lost our way.

Decay is rampant throughout society.

Government, corporations, the judiciary and even our President are simply making up the rules as they go.

Our Constitution, the bill of Rights and the Rule of Law have been tossed into the ditch.

Banksters, fraudsters, oligarchs and their lap dog government lackeys are in control.

Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, close associate of Adolf Hitler, coined the term Fashism to describe this merging of the corporation and government.

Fascism’s effect upon America and Skykomish have been profound.

Our economies are in shambles. Social cohesion is falling apart. Middle class and retiree living standards are being decimated.

Real unemployment stands at, over twenty three percent, a level not seen since the Great Depression.

Government officials, corporate hooligans, lawyers, lobbyists and other parasites standing next to the Fed’s money printing machine, have become wealthy at everyone else’s expense.

This top one percent now owns or controls almost everything.

Germany’s one thousand year Reich lasted just twelve years.

Our own tyranny is now collapsing upon itself too.

America and Skykomish are headed for a major crash and burn.

Economic and social upheaval are on the way. Rough seas are ahead. There will not be enough room in the life boats for everyone. It is time to prepare for what is coming.

It is also time to get ready to prosper, in the new economy and society, that will rise from the ashes. Things will be very different on the other side.

Your future is going to be up to you. The choices you make today will determine your future.

A select group of Sky citizens is hiding behind the mask of government, using agents like the Carson Law Group, King County Sheriff, and a corrupt judiciary to do their bidding, as they seek to acquire other people’s property, and the fruits of their labor.

Corruption and theft will not produce the future Sky wants or needs.

Ruling elites in the Ukraine have just learned this lesson the hard way.

An all encompassing surveillance apparatus, along with a well equipped police force and lots of gnarly looking war wagons proved incapable of stopping a force whose time had simply come.

Tools that just days ago oppressed the people, have now been turned on the oppressors.

The hunters are now the hunted.

The world is evolving.

Mankind is sending a message: The people have simply had enough!

Skykomish News has the tools that will allow our community to go forward.

Thanks and bye for now.

* * * * *

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