Stealing Other People’s Property is Fun & Easy


Washington State politicos have long been addicted to stealing other peoples’ property, preying mostly upon the elderly and others who are least able to defend themselves.

This model involves taking assets from the non politically connected and redistributing them to political cronies, often using 501(c)3 front NGO organizations like as cover.

The Skykomish Hotel, McEvoy House and Sky River Inn are but three examples illustrating how this theft is set up and carried out.

While this practice takes place nationwide, it’s especially popular here in the Evergreen State.

Methods of confiscation vary, but the outcome is always the same, the property owner gets stiffed and shoved out into the street.

While this seems like a ‘free lunch’ for the political class, there are heavy costs and serious consequences for society as a whole. As investors get it figured out that the fruits of their labour will be stolen, they stop investing in communities where theft is likely to occur.

Once Sky Hotel and McEvoy House owners realized they were being set up, they stopped all investment and, along with their capital, fled the community. Skykomish is now but a small step away from becoming a ghost town.

The only misinvestment investment that has occurred since has involved taxpayer funds for stupid, childish, non production nonsense like the ‘kiddie train’ (Great Northern & Cascade Railway).

Here’s how brazen and bold Seattle has become when it comes to stealing properties:  Read more . . .

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