An ‘Advantageous’ School Year for Skykomish


The Monroe Monitor published a tale about how Skykomish School District 404 is preparing for an ‘advantageous’ school year.

Chris and others like Henry Sladek love to write ‘happy’ articles about what a wonderful success Skykomish will be. Problem is, this wonderful, bountiful, prosperous future never actually arrives.

For those of you who don’t speak ‘Skykomish’, here’s the translation:

Add up all the District administrators, staff, custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, maintainers, directors, vendors, lawyers, assistants, a public relations chief, teachers and a superintendent and there are more parasites employees than students.

Our School District changes superintendents, teachers and staff as often as most people change underwear. Why are nomadic gypsies allowed to use Sky as a launch pad, staying just long enough to rehabilitate and enhance resumes before moving on?

New taxpayer funded electronic tablets for each Sky student are being touted as a technological breakthrough, when at this very moment, eminent psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians are warning that such electronic devices emit harmful EMF that is promoting an epidemic of maladies, disabilities and addictions, including permanent brain damage and cancers caused by microwave radiation.

Our school building sits directly atop a large plume of BNSF Railway diesel and bunker oil pollution which has exposed students and staff to cancer causing hydrocarbon vapours. This alone is reason enough for staff to run for the hills as soon as they get the chance?

Does our school district exist to educate Sky’s next generation of responsible, informed, productive citizens, or is its purpose to provide obscenely high salaries and enormous benefit packages to parasites who would otherwise be largely unemployable?

As the world advances at an unprecedented pace, our children can no longer compete with Chinese, Asian, European or Russian students. We are rapidly becoming a 3rd world nation.

Our education industry, controlled by teacher’s unions and political cronies, is consigning our children’s future to the dust bin.

Skykomish has been blessed in so many ways, but we are failing to take advantage of these gifts.

It’s time to stop the happy talk and get to work producing real value for Sky’s greatest asset, our children.

* * * * *

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