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Hell’s Greatest Hoaxes (video)

All too many of today’s Christians believe serving our Creator means sitting once a week on soft padded pews, listening as preachers peddle the meme that we are here to serve Israel and ‘God’s Chosen People’ the Jews. Following services, we go out for breakfast, come home, plop down in front of the tube, watch …

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Women who are Changing the World

Clare Daly

Society, culture, politics and economies have long been dominated by men, but in today’s rapidly changing world males are losing their sense of balance, moral compass, balls and place in history. All too many are caught up in sports extravaganzas and video gaming, and are having difficulty adjusting to the new world. Their societal and …

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Arm Yourself – Liberty or Tyranny (music video)

Skykomish continues to choose Fascist Tyranny over Freedom, but throughout much of the land, brave souls are once again standing for freedom, liberty, truth and justice. Watch and listen as Americans prepare for the coming battle to restore our once great nation.   Acoustic Version Music Video: “Liberty”   Live Performance Music Video: “Arm Yourself …

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Skykomish’s Darrel ‘Josh’ Joselyn Passes Away – So Long Old Friend

Monday October 21st life long Skykomish resident, business owner, Fire District #50 Chief, community leader, politician and local icon Darrel ‘Josh’ Joselyn passed peacefully in his sleep from this earth into the loving arms of his Creator. Josh will be remembered as a true friend who always had the best interests of his beloved Skykomish …

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