Nov 05 2017

Skykomish Alcohol and Drug Abuse – Out of Control

Alcohol and Drug Abuse are so rampant in Sky that additional staff is needed, despite the fact that Sky, a veritable ghost town, only has 4 businesses: two bars and two liquor/convenience stores.

Skykomish School District 404, which already has more teachers, staff, supervisors, administrators and public relations personnel than students, has retained Stacy McGrath as Drug and Alcohol Intervention and Prevention Specialist to head their Drug and Alcohol Prevention Team.

Our U.S. Highway 2, ‘The Highway of Death’, is a cold strip of asphalt where all too many die after being struck head on by the inebriated and drugged out. Is it any wonder that our small, overstaffed school is plagued by alcohol and drug abuse?

In a Monroe Monitor article, Stacy McGrath blames this unfortunate situation on marketing by alcoholic beverage brewers and distillers, calling for more governmental regulation as the answer.

Here’s the real, but unpleasant truth: Parents need to keep themselves out of the bars and liquor joints long enough to raise and monitor their offspring. As it presently stands, Skykomish is a fertile breeding ground for next generation alcoholics, drug addicts and welfare recipients.

Cleaning out drunks and druggies requires real leadership, not adding more parasites to an already bloated school payroll that hard pressed property tax payers must feed.

Skykomish will remain a pathetic, dysfunctional dying town until grownups take on the duties and responsibilities that come with adulthood.

Stop blaming others, grow up and clean out the corrupt cesspool you call Skykomish.

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  • Kim

    You should grow up carl….stop acting like a spoiled child who didnt get his way

  • Michelle Shawver

    Wow! Mr Dieter Benz! Talk about a bitter vindictive asshole! Seriously, does life not have something better to offer you than this repertoire you frequently resort to? You are the scum of which you preach and I wish nothing more for you than the image you will be stuck with in the mirror as you continue to age into a disgusting old man!

  • disqus_EygBA0xfRw

    Most the idiots are from the cities so how is the program in Skykomish going to help? There aren’t enough people left in that area to justify the program, who gets the money from the government? Who is the person pictured, some random person not even from Sky?

  • disqus_EygBA0xfRw

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