Congresswoman Suzan DelBene Exposed in Theft of Skykomish Hotel

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Congresswoman Suzan DelBene Exposed in Theft of Skykomish Hotel.

An overwhelming majority of Americans know our nation is in trouble. 94% believe Congress to be a significant part of the problem. The testimony I am about to offer does not come easily. It is as difficult for me to reveal as it will be for you to hear. Some will be shocked, others downright disgusted. Nevertheless, it is a story that must be told.

Despite the fact that Americans largely recognize Congress is a bunch of scoundrels serving Wall Street’s international bankers, powerful corporations and wealthy elites, many voters steadfastly cling to the notion that within this sea of criminality, depravity and vice, their Representative somehow stands tall, above the fray, honest, dedicated and selfless, tirelessly working on their behalf.

This seeming dichotomy is not accidental or coincidental, but rather a purposefully created, masterfully executed magician’s slight of hand, an illusion. Frequent newsletters and updates play an important role and are carefully crafted to advance the positive, favorable image your Representative needs.

Glowing articles with attractive pictures depict warm, friendly, caring legislators protecting our nation’s security, creating living wage jobs, aiding struggling families, helping small businesses grow, rescuing students from crushing debt, assisting veterans who’ve served our nation, defending senior citizen entitlements, scrutinizing every dollar spent and lending a helping hand to society’s most vulnerable.

With each individual legislator so dedicated, hardworking, vigilant, and just plain wonderful, how in the heck did things get so screwed up? How could an entire barrel of apples be so rotten, yet each individual player appear so shiny and new? Obviously, there’s a huge discrepancy between the image these newsletters portray and today’s dystopian reality.

The cold hard truth is: only one thing matters to your Representative, Your vote on Election Day. Whatever needs to be said will be said, whatever must be promised will be promised.

Our nation stands at a crossroads, threatened by a massive wave of corruption. Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches have been captured and compromised by powerful corporations and the extremely wealthy families who control them. Should we fail to turn this ship around, America’s future will be very different from its past. A catastrophe of unimagined proportions is headed our way. We are in imminent danger of losing the Republic, along with the freedoms, liberty and prosperity Americans take for granted.

This darkness threatens neo-feudal enslavement at the very moment extraordinary technological advances offer unprecedented opportunity and prosperity, not just for Americans, but mankind. Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant; the internet has made knowledge available on a scale never before envisioned to all who seek it. Peace, square dealing and prosperity can be restored. For the first time in human history, the future truly is in our hands.

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene’s ‘Quick Updates’ reassure us that our concerns are being heard and addressed. Nonetheless, let’s peek behind the wizard’s curtain and see for ourselves what’s going on in Washington State’s 1st Congressional District. I guarantee you’re not going to like what you see.

Quite by accident, and much to my dismay, I discovered that Congresswoman DelBene, King County Executive Dow Constantine and KC Council members Kathy Lambert and Rod Dembowski have been involved in a diabolical plot to acquire my valuable, historic, landmarked property without the unpleasant necessity of having to pay for it. While this may seem implausible, it’s actually part of an established, popular and growing trend.

FBI statistics disclose that in 2014 alone $4.5 billion was stolen from the American people. Homes, cars, properties, business assets and cash are being routinely seized by government agencies, all without any charges being filed or even the pretense of illegality or wrongdoing. In contrast, only $3.5 billion was lost due to actual burglaries. That’s right; according to the FBI, the vast majority of thefts are being committed not by burglars, but by our own government.

I purchased the Skykomish Hotel, one of Washington State’s most historic, landmarked structures in the small, quaint, scenic Cascade mountain town of Skykomish. Hard times had befallen the town and Hotel when railroad, logging and milling operations ceased.

I retained a team of architects and engineers specializing in the rehabilitation of historic structures. They developed plans for a first class, historically correct renovation. The Hotel would once again become the town’s crowning jewel, the centerpiece of economic renewal, the keystone for civic rebirth. Its operations would provide 18 badly needed permanent, full time jobs. It would also be my and my wife’s retirement.

Unbeknownst to us, schemer’s were busily plotting behind the scenes to take our property and pass it through to King County’s, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization (NGO), known for hoovering up other people’s valuable private assets, and after applying a healthy dose of taxpayer funding, spitting them out to favored cronies like Seattle area developer Keith Maehlum’s ‘Revive Historic – Skykomish LLC’. Nice work if you can get it.

Following completion of their taxpayer funded rejuvenation, the Hotel’s new owners were to receive a substantial monthly rental income from the USDA’s U.S. Forest Service, which Congresswoman DelBene had been carefully massaging to become the building’s lucrative, long term tenant.

This entire unsavory affair, dubbed ‘The Skykomish Initiative’, appears to be just the tip of a much larger enterprise that employs stealth to take privately owned properties, converting them to the public domain where they can be fattened up at the taxpayer’s trough before being redistributed to favored cronies. Senior citizen assets, like ours, appear especially vulnerable due to this demographics’ perceived lower ability to understand the ploy or fight back.

Trying to defend our home, business, livelihood and historic property against such skillful connivers’ has been challenging and expensive. When we rebuffed the perpetrator’s extortion attempts, they launched an ugly legal assault, hammering us into the ground using unlimited taxpayer funds. We of course had to pay for our legal defense, not exactly a level playing field. Our marriage of 34 years, retirement and savings were consumed, Our characters, good name and reputation assassinated; the victim of vicious, endlessly repeated lies by the perpetrators and their minions. The Skykomish Hotel has been stolen, but equally distressing is that this small town’s economy, finances, tax base, school, social fabric and environment were absolutely devastated.

Such assertions are of course serious and may seem outrageous or even preposterous, but I assure even the most ardent skeptic that tons of legally obtained documents and emails, including incriminating audio and video recordings meticulously authenticate this treachery. Congresswoman Suzan Delbene and the other perps are involved up to their eyeballs.

Why did Congresswoman DelBene choose to take part in an action that clearly smacks of criminal conspiracy? It certainly wasn’t for the money, as she’s already extremely wealthy. Does she simply lack ethical awareness? Is her moral compass jammed? Is she returning a political favor, or does she simply believe that the rules don’t apply to her? You’ll have to ask Suzan.

Our nation’s founders understood that Private Property Rights and the Rule of Law are the glue that binds our Republic. Thieves masquerading as public servants have unfortunately become the new normal. America has degenerated into a 3rd world banana republic ruled by elite gangs, too big to fail and too powerful to jail. Greed and theft on a grand scale now feed such vampires. No man, woman, child or beast is safe from these predators.

The largest political corruption scandal in Washington State history is unfolding; a story so powerful, so explosive that I have been well advised to be especially vigilant regarding my personal safety. Dark, powerful, angry, vengeful forces don’t like exposure to sunlight.

Part 2 of this series introduces never before seen documents detailing Congresswoman DelBene and the other top officials’ conspiratorial involvement. It’s not warm and fuzzy, it’s not pretty, and you’re not going to like it.


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“Whenever a man has cast a longing eye at an office, a rottenness begins in his conduct.” Thomas Jefferson

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