False Flag & Crises Actors – A Full Time Career

crisis-actress-adriana-victoria-munoz-exposed‘False Flag Crisis actors’ BUSTED, EXPOSED!!!!!

It’s been a long and painful trip, but Americans are finally getting it figured out that JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations, along with 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Aurora, Oklahoma City, Columbine, Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris, Berlin, London, Charlottesville, Las Vegas, California wildfires, Texas Church Shooting, Parkland Florida School Shooting, etc. were all inside jobs by our own CIA and FBI, in conjunction with the UK, Saudi Arabia and the Rothschild’s Israeli Mossad.

Unfortunately, these events won’t be the last, and an entire industry has now sprung up to supply trained actors for these and other staged events.

There’s even companies that supply veterans who’ve had limbs blown off, so promoters can provide a more realistic portrayal for disasters like Boston Marathon bombing false flag event.

Here’s one actor you’ve seen multiple times, but don’t stop here, there’s plenty more on Bitchute, YouTube, etc.

(Click image to view video)

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