Skykomish Wastewater Treatment Facility Disaster

Sky’s new wastewater treatment facility is an official disaster area.

Rick Aydelotte’s successful lawsuit against the Town and elected Officials proved that several Town officials had illegally accepted money from Warren Buffett’s BNSF Railway in exchange for agreeing to BNSF terms and conditions.

Negative consequences are already apparent for Town revenues and economic development efforts.

Corporate Oligarchs like Warren Buffett don’t splash money around without expecting something in return. What did BNSF expect?

We have long argued that Skykomish’s Wastewater Treatment Facility financing scheme would lead to disastrous rate increases for water and sewer customers and that such looming liability would inhibit the very residential and commercial development necessary to make the Wastewater project self sustaining.

Town officials who allowed this financial liability to be transferred from BNSF to Town citizens were either incredibly stupid, or were they just delivering on their end of the bargain?

The big push to amend the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, allowing ‘Affordable Cluster Housing’ also appears driven by the need to bailout the Wastewater Facility by allowing King County to dump large numbers of welfare recipients, immigrants and sex offenders into Sky.

Skykomish property owners like the Skykomish Hotel must factor substantial future water and sewer rate increases into development plans in order to determine whether such plans actually make financial sense.

Investors must also determine the work-ability of an economic model based on welfare recipients and sex offenders, especially at a time when government spending is under increasing stress due to huge deficits and revenue shortfalls.  

This Jefferson County Alabama article graphically illustrates what happens when Officials get into bed with powerful Corporate Oligarchs (JP Morgan Chase). 21 Jeffco officials have been convicted and face 15 years in prison.

Water & sewer rates have quadrupled for Jeffco’s now increasingly poor citizens.

Sky’s Mayor and Council have flushed Skykomish down the toilet.

Skykomish… It’s Time to Stand up for You, Your Town and America!