Help Save the Historic Bush House

Bush House circa_ 926Index’s Bush House is asking area citizens to sign a petition aimed at saving the historic structure and rescuing its stalled renovation.

While located eight miles away and in another county, the Bush House nevertheless appears to have contracted the deadly ‘Skykomish Hotel’ disease known as ‘Municipal Suicide’.

Index’s mayor, a neighbouring property owner and Snohomish County Health Department independent actions have prevented the Bush House’s reopening, halted renovations and embroiled owners in lengthy, expensive, non productive legal action.

Shortly after purchasing the Skykomish Hotel in September 2000, the new owner met a Manager from the nearby Sky River Inn (now torn down and defunct, yet another victim of Municipal Suicide when she walked over to introduce herself.

During the ensuing conversation the Inn’s Manager cautioned the Hotel owner he might have made a huge mistake, stating he would soon discover the people of Skykomish were ‘just plain crazy’.

When the Hotel owner responded that there might be a bit of hyperbole here, the Manager assured him she was dead serious.

Today, with the Skykomish Hotel in shambles, the owner’s wallet millions of dollars lighter and the Hotel embroiled in lengthy, expensive, non productive legal action, it can be stated with certainty that the Manager’s remarks over thirteen years ago were right on the money.

The question, from a forensic point of view, is how these two historic, but different structures located miles apart and in different counties, both managed to contract the same deadly disease?

As the Hotel owner’s conversation continued that day with the Inn’s Manager 15 years ago, she may have provided the answer to this mystery, when she went on to state her belief that ‘something in the water’ was causing this mass insanity.

It is true that Index and Skykomish both source their drinking water from the same watershed.

Case Closed.


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