Prayer for Skykomish


Evergreens grow straight and tall as they reach for the Sky.

Heavens respond with clouds touching down to the ground.

Nature’s moist breath nourishes lush, green forests.

Sounds echo through the narrow mountain valley.

Passing trains and flowing river can be heard before they arrive and after they depart.

Skykomish, majestic and mystical, we are in awe.

Indigenous peoples are long gone, chased down valley by settlers bent on progress.

Progress turned out to be two taverns, two liquor stores and gas station.

There’s a stop sign too, but few bother to stop anymore.

Progress also left the soil and ground water heavily polluted by toxic oils.

Like earlier natives, present day folks head down valley in search of their future and a day’s wages.

Some drink too much along the way, killing unsuspecting highway travelers.

Skykomish is working overtime to become a ghost town.

Instead of teaching history, our school is becoming history.

‘War is not the answer’ say educators to innocent youth.

Are these the same teachers who leave their morals at the schoolyard gate, paying taxes to a government that kills those it doesn’t like with unseen drones?

Structures that once stood proud, cry out for justice as they crumble under the weight of today’s oppressive tyranny.

Roofs give way so mushrooms can grow indoors as well as out.

Peace and tranquility have been shattered by strife, division and acrimony.

Anger rumbles in corruption’s wake.

Please STOP before it’s too late!

* * * * *

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