It’s Either the Rule of Law or No Rules at All

Fat, Dumb, Happy, Barefoot, Pregnant and Broke

Americans have been dumbed down by an educational system long ago co-opted by the U.S. Department of Education, powerful lobbies, unions and university eggheads.

We no longer understand, appreciate or respect the unique role the ‘Rule of Law’ plays in causing and maintaining Economic Prosperity, Cultural Harmony and Social Cohesion.

Powerful interests are working hard to keep us fat, dumb, happy, barefoot, pregnant and broke.

We dance to the music while this Kleptocracy steals our Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity.

We’ve paid a heavy price. Our economy is in shambles and Americans are increasingly at each others throats over false issues created by Oligarch controlled Media Hacks singing the New World Order (NWO) theme song.

Corporate Oligarchs and Ruling Elites have combined with a now militarized Law Enforcement to put everyone on piss tests, video surveillance, x-ray screenings, pat downs, gropes, license plate scanning, roadside checkpoint searches, facial recognition and body cavity groping.


In the old days this phenomenon was called Fascism. Today it’s known by the much warmer and fuzzier phrase: Public, Private Partnership (PPP) which is large controlled by tax exempt NGOs like

Giving up the ‘Rule of Law’ has proven expensive.

Taking back this once greatest of nations, is going to be a long, hard struggle.


 Skykomish…It’s Time to Stand up for You, Your Town and America!