Occupy Wall Street Protest Begins

Occupy Wall Street

Protest Begins in New York City

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While most Americans continued to perform normal activities, New York’s Wall Street was occupied by protesters on September 17, 2011, as Americans began reclaiming this once great nation from fascist Nazi rule.

One week later on September 24th a larger crowd of around 20 thousand Anonymous protestors reassembled near Wall Street’s infamous Bull to again send the message, only this time with a much louder voice.

Banksters, Fraudsters, Corporate Oligarchs, Ruling Elites, Parasites and Enforcers were put on notice that ‘We the People’ have had enough.

Approximately 80 protesters were arrested, some roughly, but a few police openly expressed frustration at having to follow orders like ‘good’ Nazis.

New York City’s finest may be especially sensitive, as many believe 9/11 was a CIA inside job and first responders, friends and family died as part of the New World Order’s attempt to enslave mankind.

Media, Facebook and YouTube censored the September 17th event, but the September 24th protest was simply too large to ignore or censor.

Fox News had a couple of its own reporters masquerading as protestors in an apparent attempt to make it look like a bunch of kooks aimlessly protesting, but these shills were identified and called out by the mostly young crowd.

While it’s difficult to tell how far reaching this ‘Take Back America’ movement will go, one thing is for sure… It’s far from over.

Our nation hasn’t seen a major protest movement since the late 1960s’ when millions took to the streets, protesting our nation’s bankrupt Vietnam war policy that 

claimed over 55,000 American and 3 million Vietnamese lives, all while increasing the military industrial complex’s wealth and power.

Skykomish Mayor, Council and Law Enforcement take note: Fascism is becoming unfashionable.

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