Skykomish Mob Rule Causes Historic, Tectonic Shift

Skykomish Hotel parties worked tirelessly these past 11 years to return a viable, sustainable economic model that would allow families, entrepreneurs, businesses and investors to thrive in this scenic, but struggling Cascade mountain town.

These efforts met stiff resistance, as predatory discrimination, harassment, derision and retaliation became the order of the day.

The results are readily apparent. Despite new streets, sidewalks and period lighting, following Ecology’s ‘quick and dirty’ environmental cleanup scam, the town’s economy remains on life support.

Revenues have dried up and our school, post office and library will soon become the latest Municipal Suicide victims. Even Sky’s two remaining taverns appear to be suffering a dearth of thirsty customers.

This desperate economic situation can be directly traced to Sky’s misunderstanding of and lack of respect for the ‘Rule of Law’.

As Mob Rule took root, flowered and became firmly entrenched; businesses, investors and entrepreneurs headed for the hills, correctly realizing that their efforts and hard earned money were now subject to the whims of Sky’s hungry, angry Mob.

While the Town’s latest effort to steal the Skykomish Hotel will be challenged, an historic, tectonic shift occurred as the result of last month’s Council meeting(video part 1) and (video part 2).

The Mob wasn’t present to speak out against Mayor and Council’s latest outrage, but instead, to be entertained as Hotel parties were illegally stopped from recording at open public meeting, silenced and evicted.

Things didn’t work out quite as advertised, but townies were nevertheless amused.

Unfortunately, the Mob’s entertainment came with a cost, as Hotel parties once and for all understood that the financial investment necessary to renovate and reopen this historic structure could not be justified.

Captain E.J. Smith yelled “It’s every man for himself” just before the Titanic slid beneath the waves. Like Captain Smith, Hotel parties must now cast Sky’s interests aside, as they singularly fight to protect their interests, exclusively.

Seeing the Mob’s thirst for blood was a frightening spectacle, and an unmistakable demonstration of just how low Skykomish has fallen.

Saving the historic Hotel cannot be considered viable. It will likely be demolished when ordered by the Town, as Hotel parties can no longer tolerate Mob efforts to steal what they’re not willing to work for.

Skykomish… It’s Time to Stand up for You, Your Town and America!