Skykomish Disincorporation Petition Launched

Petition promoter Rick Aydelotte is not the first nor is he alone in the belief that Sky’s future would be better served if the Town were simply allowed to disappear into history.

Like all decisions, disincorporation comes with costs and therefore warrants discussion, reflection and the balancing of potential advantages and disadvantages.

Rick has laid out his list of perceived advantages to disincorporation. Skykomish News is going to articulate its own long-standing position.

For those who don’t yet understand why Skykomish is dead and our carrion continues to be picked over by a bunch of buzzards who neither live in nor have investments in our town, we suggest you read ( This should debunk any illusions regarding King County’s ability to outperform our own governance, as pathetic as it is.

King County, along with local lap dogs, is responsible for destroying our economy in the first place, beginning with hoodwinking town council bumpkins into signing the 1995 Interlocal Agreement which promised gifts, beads and trinkets in exchange for us implementing their policies, boards, committees, ordinances, rules and regulations using apparatchiks like Lorna Goebel to copy and paste big city rules to our small town’s detriment and destruction.

For all practical purposes, Skykomish gave up self governance decades ago when it signed the Interlocal Agreement and has paid the price ever since.

Had Sky leaders not shirked their duties and responsibilities, the Skykomish Hotel would long ago have been fully renovated, bringing in tourists, video artists, employing local citizens, contributing payroll taxes and providing an anchor for the town’s economic revitalisation.

King County along with new enablers is now working their latest magic with outsiders like Joanne Menard to foist the next money losing financial disaster (see: and upon us as Sky elites once again sit by and watch.

The solution is not for Sky to further distance its governance from the people by disincorporating but for the people to respond to their duties and responsibilities as a free, self governing people. Hiding out in taverns pretending that Skykomish Hotel owners have destroyed their town is pure alcohol induced fantasy and will never result in a prosperous rebirth for Skykomish.

America’s Founding Fathers gave us the gift of self rule. Many have paid for this gift with their blood and lives. Our Founders were under no illusion regarding human nature and man’s propensity to take the easy road, often shirking both duty and responsibility.

Self governance was never meant to be easy and the further dumping of our duties and responsibilities on King County bureaucrats is the wrong choice for Skykomish.