Skykomish Mayor Fred Black Unexpectedly Resigns

Skykomish Mayor Fred Black resigned suddenly following the blockbuster revelation that $2.3 million in Town funds have gone missing (see: YouTube’s 21 part ‘Municipal Suicide’ series)

Black announced via social media that ‘he’s moving to Kansas to begin a new life.’

Mayor Black, along with Town Council, helped destroy Sky’s environment by allowing BNSF Railway Diesel Oil and Bunker Fuel pollution to remain in place as part of a phony cleanup scam.

Under questioning by a local citizen Black refused to say whether he was working for the BNSF Railway at the same time he was serving as mayor.

Black’s big dream of establishing the taxpayer funded Skykomish Environmental Learning Center did a belly flop, as putting the environmental center directly on top of the state’s largest pollution site just didn’t catch on.

This pollution has left Sky’s soil and groundwater severely contaminated, and the local economy toasted.

Mayor Black, who heads Blax Professional Project Management, also managed to get the Town involved in two costly lawsuits during his Reign of Terror.

Mayor Fred appeared to be an individual filled with anger, and could only be described as a Complete Wacko. One can only wonder what kind of Meds they had him on?