Skykomish Boondoggle needs Volunteers

Sky’s latest version of the Vision has become just one more failed taxpayer funded boondoggle.

Skykomish seeks volunteers to operate and maintain its 7.5” gauge Great Northern & Cascade Railway designed to spur economic rebirth.

This short, circular kiddie railroad was expected to usher in tourists to ride and spend money at the town’s remaining businesses: two bars, two liquor/convenience stores, a gas station and laundromat.

While unprecedented technologically driven opportunity transforms our world, Sky chooses to squander precious taxpayer resources on yet another hair brained scheme conjured up by collectivist apparatchiks. Townies have proven to be adept at one thing: foolishly wasting other people’s hard earned money.

Today, most children and parents even don’t know that railroads still exist. They think trains are an anachronism that died decades ago. Those who are aware could care less, preferring instead to spend time and discretionary income on electronic devices, social networking, experiences and hanging with peers.

Despite Sky’s continued ‘happy talk’ about a bright future, it somehow never actually arrives. Instead, our small Cascade mountain town promotes policies that drive families, businesses and investors away.

Anyone can ‘talk the talk’. It takes adults to ‘walk the walk’.