Why the Rule of Law Matters

why-the-rule-of-law-is-importantFormer CIA operative, Steve Pieczenik, offers his regarding the core problem, a lack of appreciation for the Rule of Law. Many of you will see that this particular situation is a mirror image of what is presently unfolding in Skykomish and our nation.

When we decide the Rule of Law no longer matters, let us not forget that there are real consequences. Ask yourself if this is the future you want for yourself, your children and grandkids, or is it time to start returning Skykomish and our nation to the Rule of Law?

Relevant excerpts from Dr. Piezcenik’s article:

What amazed me, however, was the level of corruption.

What usually happens is the crooks make their way into government positions, both elected and appointed . . .

When I got here I was just flat amazed how deep the corruption was. My translator asked me how I would handle such a situation back in south Texas. I told him we had enforceable laws, much more accountability of officials … and as a last resort, the .45 on my hip and the AR-15 in my bedroom gun cabinet. He sighed…. said we have none of that. We can’t make changes.

It’s hard changing a nation, a culture of corruption, a business environment that doesn’t know how to enforce contract law.

. . . John Kerry whining that Putin doesn’t respond to our super-civilized new world society. He is “stunned” that Mr. Putin acted in the same old way that Russians have always reacted. By force. By making your enemies fear you. By taking action, not talking.

Does this sound familiar Skykomish?

So, I’ve made my conscience easier by writing this. The old Ukrainian colleague who asked if I had written my friends is a retired colonel.  A full professor.  And he is itching to put his uniform back on and go defend Ukraine.  Against the Russians.  Against a force a hundred times bigger.  He has a beautiful, thirteen year old daughter who wants to be a ballerina.  And he wants her to have the opportunity to do it in a free, law-abiding, free-enterprise nation.  And he’s willing to go up against the Russian Bear to do it. 

Read the full article at Steve Pieczenik Talks.

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