Nov 10 2017

Skykomish Gets Major Rebranding

Sky's going from this ...

To this ...

Sky has definitely needed a warmer, fuzzier, friendlier public image for some time now. Its 'Public Private Partnership' with Warren Buffett's BNSF Railway, Washington State Department of Ecology and nefarious King County NGO, has left the town a Busted, Broken and Polluted.

Despite several earlier rebranding efforts, this sow's ear has a long way to go before it becomes a silk purse, but with two new faces on Sky's Town Council, the Town appears ready to fully embrace 4Culture's vision of turning Sky into a taxpayer funded utopian artist's community for needy LGBTQ grant junkies & trustfunders.

Sky's government, now carefully packed with hand picked operatives, toadies, shills, pets, stooges, front men, lackeys and cut-outs, is armed with a platoon of sympathetic King County bureaucrats and tons of crisp new taxpayer moolah.

Hooked up to 4Culture's soothing drip of pain arresting heroin means Sky receives just enough taxpayer money to keep the patient breathing, but not enough to allow the town to get up, function and walk on its own. After all, the last thing a drug pusher wants is for the client to be weaned from addiction and dependency.

Will 4Culture's latest effort get legs and walk? Only time will tell, but with Sky's horrific legacy of pollution, corruption and unstable soil conditions, this, like earlier efforts could prove to be an uphill battle.

Sky's rebranding will of course mean change for Skykomish School District #404. While the District has long been delivering healthy doses of government indoctrination, this newest effort will likely mean even more politically correct mumbo-jumbo, so our chilluns can be introduced to the benefits of homosexuality and pedophilia even earlier, as is already taking place in other progressive school districts.

No, this isn't about being hostile toward the rainbow community, but rather about being against  any organization and group that steals private property and takes control of the public purse in furtherance of its agenda.

Skykomish -  Now a Gold Star certified 'NAMBLA Friendly' community!

  • Art Hawley

    I remember when Sweet Pea owned the place. They had live bands and a thriving business. He was gay, and nobody lost their damned minds over it. People came there for the entertainment, and spent their money all over town.

    Nazis gassed homosexuals too. The symbols you are using to make your point show a cartoonish lack of awareness of history. Ratchet back the drama and just say what you mean.
    -an old Oldtimer.