Skykomish Hotel Demolition Looms


Monday’s sunrise over the majestic Cascades will be the last for the historic Skykomish Hotel, now on death row.

The Town of Skykomish which sought and obtained a court order to demolish the Hotel is expected to begin demolition Monday morning.

Traffic will likely be re-routed mid-morning, as Railroad Avenue and intersecting 5th Street are cordoned off for the arrival of heavy equipment and demolition crews.

Once the massive demolition claw is driven off its low boy transport and positioned, turning the historic Skykomish Hotel into history can begin.

A water truck provides dust control, spraying down the structure, as the huge claw, with its over four story reach, begins grabbing large chunks from the Hotel, placing debris onto land behind it.

Reducing the 109 year old historic landmark to rubble takes less than one hour. 

Another machine chews debris into pieces sized for efficient loading, transport and disposal of this once proud lady’s remains to an approved site for burial.

Temporary safety fencing is erected.

Tuesday: The former Hotel’s concrete foundation is broken into chunks for loading, transport and internment.

Wednesday: Underground utility infrastructure removed and fill material delivered, graded and compacted.

Thursday: Asphalt paving covers up BNSF Railway pollution and provides much needed overflow parking for the Town’s new amusement center.

Friday: Parking lot striping and perimeter landscaping complete the project.

Every day thereafter: Unchained from its past, Skykomish is now free to go forward with long envisioned new beginnings.

Sky’s future already appears to be a guaranteed winner, as Mayor Tony Grider pleads for crowd control volunteers to help manage an overflow of eager tourists, waiting to ride Sky’s recently introduced municipal kiddie choo-choo train (Great Northern & Cascade Railway).

Come early, tickets are free, but we hear the lines are long.