Something BIG is Happening (video)

Awareness is growing that Something BIG is happening on earth and in heaven.

Jesus-shepherd-black-sheepWhy has Jesus Christ become the ‘Black Sheep’ of Christmas?

Why do Jews (who make up less than 2% of the U.S. population) have a HUGE seven story lighted menorah celebrating Hanukkah on our White House lawn while Christians are denied even a small unobtrusive nativity scene?

Why is saying ‘Merry Christmas now verboten, replaced by the politically correct, ‘Happy Holidays’?

Notice Cube Attached to Forehead

Why do friends and neighbours stampede, stomp, stab, club, beat, punch and shoot one another to get $2 off on a toaster at Walmart?

As we get ready to rip open ‘Holiday’ presents (made in China) from under an artificial ‘Holiday’ tree (made in China), let’s try and remember that this debt fueled consumer binging orgy actually exists to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Here’s a very special Christmas gift for those who recognize that something Big is happening here on earth and in the heavens.

Merry Christmas!

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