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Occupy Wall Street Protest Begins

Occupy Wall Street Protest Begins in New York City 2811 Miles by Highway a Millisecond via Internet While most Americans continued to perform normal activities, New York’s Wall Street was occupied by protesters on September 17, 2011, as Americans began reclaiming this once great nation from fascist Nazi rule. One week later on September 24th a larger crowd …

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Occupy Wall Street – Gag Us, Drag Us, Arrest Us

America Will Not be Silenced The Revolution that began with the Occupation of Wall Street grows each day and has now spread to other major urban areas. It’s still too early to tell where Americans are heading, but with millions Unemployed, Impoverished and without Health Insurance, while Corporate Oligarchs and Ruling Elites bring on the New World Order (NWO), …

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Interstate Highway Overpass Signs Exploding

We’ve been seeing them on the I-5 drive from Seattle to Tacoma, but didn’t realize overpass protesters are national movement that’s rapidly gaining steam.