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Americans have had just about enough (Video)

Those who worked so hard to steal the Skykomish Hotel should remember: There is no free lunch. The true cost of something isn’t always appreciated until later. Be careful what you wish. The Skykomish Valley is a well known stronghold of Satanic worship. Lucifer holds sway here. If you are ready to join the dark …

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Washington State’s ‘Daily Journal of Commerce’ is Fake News

Washington State’s Daily Journal of Commerce is Fake News. Journalistic endeavor starts with a blank page. Investigation, discovery, persistence and hard work birth a narrative. The story essentially tells itself. Make believe journalists, those whose real purpose is to serve crony capitalist masters, publish pieces like this crude fiction, which purports to be the labour …

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Skykomish Maloney Creek Trail Grand Opening

The Skykomish ribbon cutting ceremony by local, county and state National Socialist functionaries was something to behold, especially since this taxpayer funded boondoggle only involves the creation of a 500 foot trail right smack dab in the middle of a flood zone. Imagine the carbon footprint produced just for these Illuminati lap dogs to drive …

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