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An ‘Advantageous’ School Year for Skykomish

The Monroe Monitor published a tale about how Skykomish School District 404 is preparing for an ‘advantageous’ school year. Chris and others like Henry Sladek love to write ‘happy’ articles about what a wonderful success Skykomish will be. Problem is, this wonderful, bountiful, prosperous future never actually arrives. For those of you who don’t speak …

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Seattle King 5 News papers over BNSF Railway’s Skykomish Environmental Cleanup Scam

Dinner is served and Skykomish is once again on the menu. Lame stream media has recently been showering Sky with a series of warm and fuzzy articles, stories and newscasts. Imagine, with hundreds of towns desperately craving media attention, little ole Sky gets an extra large portion of fluff and puff. What a fluke. What …

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