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Skykomish – It’s a Downhill Ride (video)

Real facts about Skykomish. They’re 100% backed up by incontrovertible evidence. Downhill is great on the ski slopes, but it’s not so good for Sky.   Hi, I’m Megan Baker. Let’s review some Skykomish facts. Number One. Skykomish begins a long decline as WWII comes to an end. Number two. King County promises to return …

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Skykomish Mayor Fred Black Unexpectedly Resigns

Skykomish Mayor Fred Black resigned suddenly following the blockbuster revelation that $2.3 million in Town funds have gone missing (see: YouTube’s 21 part ‘Municipal Suicide’ series) Black announced via social media that ‘he’s moving to Kansas to begin a new life.’ Mayor Black, along with Town Council, helped destroy Sky’s environment by allowing BNSF Railway …

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