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Consent of the Governed is being Withdrawn

Martin Luther posted his ’95 Theses’ on Wittenburg Germany’s Roman Catholic Church Door in 1517, protesting the Church’s common practice of selling indulgences. This seemingly simple act began what would become known as the Protestant Reformation. Recently, a group of over 100 fully armed Patriots openly defied a new Washington State gun law and posted …

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Women who are Changing the World

Clare Daly

Society, culture, politics and economies have long been dominated by men, but in today’s rapidly changing world males are losing their sense of balance, moral compass, balls and place in history. All too many are caught up in sports extravaganzas and video gaming, and are having difficulty adjusting to the new world. Their societal and …

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Black Women Are The Problem (video)

Walter Lee Hampton II

Here’s a black gentleman who’s not afraid to discuss a problem faced by America’s black community, which for the most part, it refuses to acknowledge, let alone talk about.  

Skykomish Mayor Alan A. (Tony) Grider Seeks Exit Strategy

Former Skykomish Mayor, Alan A. (Tony) Grider seeks Exit Strategy after successfully adding the Destruction of the Town and Theft of the Skykomish Hotel to his curriculum vitae. It appears Tony is now ready to move up the career ladder, offering this valuable new skill set to other towns and school districts interested in taking …

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Prayer for Skykomish

Skykomish Evergreens grow straight and tall as they reach for the Sky. Heavens respond with clouds touching down to the ground. Nature’s moist breath nourishes lush, green forests. Sounds echo through the narrow mountain valley. Passing trains and flowing river can be heard before they arrive and after they depart. Skykomish, majestic and mystical, we …

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Liquid Democracy, the Blockchain, Pitchforks & Torches

The ‘Blockchain’ is causing massive change for society, business, commerce and world economies. This is extremely positive for most of mankind. Everything is about to change, starting with Federal Reserve and Wall Street banksters being tossed out on their ear. The rest of the parasitic class will soon follow. The Blockchain is simply obsoleting the …

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Arm Yourself – Liberty or Tyranny (music video)

Skykomish continues to choose Fascist Tyranny over Freedom, but throughout much of the land, brave souls are once again standing for freedom, liberty, truth and justice. Watch and listen as Americans prepare for the coming battle to restore our once great nation.   Acoustic Version Music Video: “Liberty”   Live Performance Music Video: “Arm Yourself …

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An ‘Advantageous’ School Year for Skykomish

The Monroe Monitor published a tale about how Skykomish School District 404 is preparing for an ‘advantageous’ school year. Chris and others like Henry Sladek love to write ‘happy’ articles about what a wonderful success Skykomish will be. Problem is, this wonderful, bountiful, prosperous future never actually arrives. For those of you who don’t speak …

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Sanctimonious, Privileged, Middle Class Bigots (video)

Popular blogger Pat Condell has a message for YOU!     * * * * * Fair Use Notice: This website post may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for news reporting, educational and other limited purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in title …

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Seattle King 5 News papers over BNSF Railway’s Skykomish Environmental Cleanup Scam

Dinner is served and Skykomish is once again on the menu. Lame stream media has recently been showering Sky with a series of warm and fuzzy articles, stories and newscasts. Imagine, with hundreds of towns desperately craving media attention, little ole Sky gets an extra large portion of fluff and puff. What a fluke. What …

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