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The Occupy Wall Street movement, while not long lasting, was at the forefront of many wanting to voice their displeasure with the Powers that be.

It’s Either the Rule of Law or No Rules at All

Fat, Dumb, Happy, Barefoot, Pregnant and Broke Americans have been dumbed down by an educational system long ago co-opted by the U.S. Department of Education, powerful lobbies, unions and university eggheads. We no longer understand, appreciate or respect the unique role the ‘Rule of Law’ plays in causing and maintaining Economic Prosperity, Cultural Harmony and Social Cohesion. Powerful …

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America and Skykomish in Ruins

Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Camden and other Once Great Cities Fall into the Ditch Towns, as well as individual properties, become derelict when stakeholders (those with actual $$$ skin in the game) no longer believe the risk is worth the effort. This usually  occurs when government places too many hurdles in the way. Hurdles consist of rules, regulations, …

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Skykomish Czar Warren Buffett Brags about his Upper Class Status

Here’s what the 1% think about us 99%: BNSF Railway owner and Skykomish Corporate Oligarch Warren Buffett says “There’s class warfare all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Warren Buffett – New York Times. Sky’s economy is toasted. This is no accident. Skykomish Ruling Elites have sold our town …

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BNSF Railway Comes Under a Hail of Gunfire

BNSF Railway has Come Under Fire – Literally. According to BNSF Railway spokesperson Gus Melonas, the lead locomotive of a BNSF freight train was struck at least 15 times in a hail of gunfire from a highway vehicle pacing the train midway between Seattle and Spokane. Melonas said no one was injured and noted BNSF …

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Occupy Wall Street Protest Begins

Occupy Wall Street Protest Begins in New York City 2811 Miles by Highway a Millisecond via Internet While most Americans continued to perform normal activities, New York’s Wall Street was occupied by protesters on September 17, 2011, as Americans began reclaiming this once great nation from fascist Nazi rule. One week later on September 24th a larger crowd …

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