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Skykomish Property Tax Levy – Vote NO!

Skykomish School District 404 voters face an important ballot issue. They are being asked to approve yet another 4 year Property Tax Levy. District 404 has the highest per pupil cost in the state and consistently ranks at or near the bottom in achievement. This vote isn’t about ‘the kids’. It’s also not about school …

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Real Friends of Skykomish

‘Friends of Skykomish’, a Facebook fan page devoted to self-immolation, ranting and hurling insults, has a new competitor, ‘Real Friends of Skykomish’. Rick Aydelotte, the face behind the new fan page, is a longtime resident and knows the ropes. Like others who have fallen out of favour with the ‘tavern crowd’, Rick has become prey …

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Skykomish Faces an Uphill Battle

Skykomish is struggling to avoid becoming just one more US Highway 2 ghost town. Nearby Grotto and others have already been pushed into the dust bin of history. Some were one horse towns. When their dominant industry and largest employer closed, residents fled, leaving only weeds to sprout from cracks in the street. Sky’s death …

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Change the World and Skykomish

It’s Closer than You Think Many have lived through too many elections already. Republicans and Democrats alike have seen candidates’ promises of a better tomorrow evaporate before their eyes. Hope and Change has become Hoax and Chains. We’ve allowed ourselves to become enslaved by corporate oligarchs, Wall Street banksters, fraudsters and ruling elites who, while promising …

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Skykomish Hotel Responds to Town Complaint (video)

Hotel Owners Say NO to Town’s Latest Threat

Skykomish Mob Rule Causes Historic, Tectonic Shift

Skykomish Hotel parties worked tirelessly these past 11 years to return a viable, sustainable economic model that would allow families, entrepreneurs, businesses and investors to thrive in this scenic, but struggling Cascade mountain town. These efforts met stiff resistance, as predatory discrimination, harassment, derision and retaliation became the order of the day. The results are readily apparent. …

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Skykomish Hotel Comments on Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Despite Town Efforts to Prevent Public Participation Despite the Town’s every attempt to prevent public participation or comments regarding its proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment, the Skykomish Hotel presented a serious response questioning the proposed Amendment’s purpose, why it’s designed to benefit a few ‘select’ property owners, why numerous legal requirements have not been met, why …

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