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Skykomish’s Cascadia Inn & its Owner Henry Sladek File Bankruptcy

Skykomish’s Cascadia Inn & its Owner Henry Sladek File Bankruptcy in an attempt to discharge onerous debts and continue operating. Skykomish Mayor Henry Sladek, dba Cascadia Inn, filed for Chapter 13 Federal Bankruptcy Protection after being named in a lawsuit alleging that Sladek and others used the Town of Skykomish, a Municipal Corporation, to effectuate …

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Skykomish Hotel Sheriff’s Sale

The Skykomish Historical Society’s post regarding the recent Sheriff’s Sale of the Skykomish Hotel might lead one to think the buyer, Town of Skykomish, was the successful, winning bidder. 1. Let’s remember, the Hysterical Society is a bought and paid for mouthpiece of King County’s taxpayer funded 4Culture.org, a nefarious, shadowy NGO, whose purpose is …

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Theft of Skykomish Hotel has left an Ugly, Open Wound

Theft of the Skykomish Hotel has left an ugly, open wound that will fester for decades to come. The Skykomish Hotel was not donated to the Town of Skykomish. The Skykomish Hotel was not sold to the Town of Skykomish. The Town of Skykomish did not buy the Skykomish Hotel. The Skykomish Hotel was STOLEN! …

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Skykomish and China Have Something in Common

Theft of private property by government is almost as popular in China as it is in Skykomish. Do you and politically connected friends covet your neighbour’s property? Is it time to eliminate potential business competition? If so, now is the time to convert their assets into cash in your pocket. Take advantage of this exciting …

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Who Cratered the Skykomish Hotel Sale?

The Skykomish Hotel sale closing, set for March 14, 2014, cratered following repeated refusal by the Town to work with Buyers in providing necessary documentation. The Skykomish Hotel had been sold for $350,000, plus Buyer’s assumption of approximately $100,000 in additional liabilities, bringing the total sale price to $450,000. New owners were to commence immediate …

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Skykomish Hotel Responds to Building Inspector’s Order

Latest Attempt to ‘Take’ Skykomish Hotel The Town’s latest manoeuvre to ‘Take’ the Skykomish Hotel turned out to be just another illegal farce perpetrated by Ruling Elites hell bent on subverting our Constitution, destroying the Rule of Law and abetting Banksters, Fraudsters and Oligarchs in bringing Skykomish and America to its knees. 2011-11-30 SENT VIA …

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