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America and Skykomish in Ruins

Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Camden and other Once Great Cities Fall into the Ditch Towns, as well as individual properties, become derelict when stakeholders (those with actual $$$ skin in the game) no longer believe the risk is worth the effort. This usually  occurs when government places too many hurdles in the way. Hurdles consist of rules, regulations, …

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Skykomish Mayor Alan A. (Tony) Grider Seeks Exit Strategy

Former Skykomish Mayor, Alan A. (Tony) Grider seeks Exit Strategy after successfully adding the Destruction of the Town and Theft of the Skykomish Hotel to his curriculum vitae. It appears Tony is now ready to move up the career ladder, offering this valuable new skill set to other towns and school districts interested in taking …

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Skykomish Hotel Sheriff’s Sale

The Skykomish Historical Society’s post regarding the recent Sheriff’s Sale of the Skykomish Hotel might lead one to think the buyer, Town of Skykomish, was the successful, winning bidder. 1. Let’s remember, the Hysterical Society is a bought and paid for mouthpiece of King County’s taxpayer funded 4Culture.org, a nefarious, shadowy NGO, whose purpose is …

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Skykomish and China Have Something in Common

Theft of private property by government is almost as popular in China as it is in Skykomish. Do you and politically connected friends covet your neighbour’s property? Is it time to eliminate potential business competition? If so, now is the time to convert their assets into cash in your pocket. Take advantage of this exciting …

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Who Cratered the Skykomish Hotel Sale?

The Skykomish Hotel sale closing, set for March 14, 2014, cratered following repeated refusal by the Town to work with Buyers in providing necessary documentation. The Skykomish Hotel had been sold for $350,000, plus Buyer’s assumption of approximately $100,000 in additional liabilities, bringing the total sale price to $450,000. New owners were to commence immediate …

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Skykomish Hotel Responds to Building Inspector’s Order

Latest Attempt to ‘Take’ Skykomish Hotel The Town’s latest manoeuvre to ‘Take’ the Skykomish Hotel turned out to be just another illegal farce perpetrated by Ruling Elites hell bent on subverting our Constitution, destroying the Rule of Law and abetting Banksters, Fraudsters and Oligarchs in bringing Skykomish and America to its knees. 2011-11-30 SENT VIA …

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