Rick Aydelotte on Drug Offenders

Local talent Rick Aydelotte’s recent European tour included visiting the Volterra territorial prison in Italy. Rick’s song, recorded on video, could however have been written anywhere, as governments all over the globe waste precious resources criminalizing law abiding individuals in the name of the so-called ‘war on drugs’. Thanks Rick from the Skykomish News for calling …

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Skykomish Mayor Alan A. (Tony) Grider is Next Batter Up

Mayor Fred Black’s recent sudden departure under a dark cloud of suspicion, with 2.3 million dollars of Town money missing, meant a new warm body was needed to fill the vacuum. Meet our latest Ruling Elite. Mayor Alan A. (Tony) Grider, a terribly inexperienced and extremely naïve school teacher with absolutely no financial stake in the …

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Skykomish Disincorporation Petition Launched

Petition promoter Rick Aydelotte is not the first nor is he alone in the belief that Sky’s future would be better served if the Town were simply allowed to disappear into history. Like all decisions, disincorporation comes with costs and therefore warrants discussion, reflection and the balancing of potential advantages and disadvantages. Rick has laid out …

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Skykomish Mayor Fred Black Unexpectedly Resigns

Skykomish Mayor Fred Black resigned suddenly following the blockbuster revelation that $2.3 million in Town funds have gone missing (see: YouTube’s 21 part ‘Municipal Suicide’ series) Black announced via social media that ‘he’s moving to Kansas to begin a new life.’ Mayor Black, along with Town Council, helped destroy Sky’s environment by allowing BNSF Railway …

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Skykomish Receives Bad News from Attorney General

Rule of Law Applies Even in Skykomish Fascist Skykomish rule suffered a body blow this past week as Town Officials, King County Deputy Sheriff Mike Janasz and other ‘Select Individuals’ received the Bad News that Washington State’s Attorney General had affirmed that The Rule of Law applies even in Skykomish. Sky’s continued conspiracies, illegal meetings, …

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Skykomish Hotel Responds to Building Inspector’s Order

Latest Attempt to ‘Take’ Skykomish Hotel The Town’s latest manoeuvre to ‘Take’ the Skykomish Hotel turned out to be just another illegal farce perpetrated by Ruling Elites hell bent on subverting our Constitution, destroying the Rule of Law and abetting Banksters, Fraudsters and Oligarchs in bringing Skykomish and America to its knees. 2011-11-30 SENT VIA …

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Skykomish Name Calling, Personal Attacks and Slander

No Discussion of Issues or Solutions  View this post from Skykomish Planning Commissioner, Design Review Board member and School Board Director Michael Pierce in response to Council member and King County Sheriff Mike Janasz’ illegal voting and subsequent threats and harassment of the Skykomish Hotel’s agent, Cate Riley. Also view the supporting ‘Likes’ and comments from …

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Change the World and Skykomish

It’s Closer than You Think Many have lived through too many elections already. Republicans and Democrats alike have seen candidates’ promises of a better tomorrow evaporate before their eyes. Hope and Change has become Hoax and Chains. We’ve allowed ourselves to become enslaved by corporate oligarchs, Wall Street banksters, fraudsters and ruling elites who, while promising …

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Skykomish Council Candidate Ejected from Meeting

Mayor and Council continue Nazi Activities Rick Aydelotte, candidate for Council Position #5, was silenced and ejected from Monday evening’s Council meeting for refusing to obey Mayor Black’s illegal order to shut up and stand where specified. Others were, as usual, allowed to speak at will and address Council from seats and other places convenient to them. You make …

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Skykomish Hotel Responds to Town Complaint (video)

Hotel Owners Say NO to Town’s Latest Threat

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