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Skykomish Hotel Set for Demolition

If you want to get a last minute look or picture of the historic Skykomish Hotel you’ll need to hurry. The Town, which earlier obtained a court order to demolish the historic structure, is set to begin demolition August 12th. The Town’s silence regarding this matter has led to speculation that the motivating factor is …

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Rick Aydelotte on Drug Offenders

Local talent Rick Aydelotte’s recent European tour included visiting the Volterra territorial prison in Italy. Rick’s song, recorded on video, could however have been written anywhere, as governments all over the globe waste precious resources criminalizing law abiding individuals in the name of the so-called ‘war on drugs’. Thanks Rick from the Skykomish News for calling …

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Skykomish Mayor Alan A. (Tony) Grider is Next Batter Up

Mayor Fred Black’s recent sudden departure under a dark cloud of suspicion, with 2.3 million dollars of Town money missing, meant a new warm body was needed to fill the vacuum. Meet our latest Ruling Elite. Mayor Alan A. (Tony) Grider, a terribly inexperienced and extremely naïve school teacher with absolutely no financial stake in the …

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Skykomish Disincorporation Petition Launched

Petition promoter Rick Aydelotte is not the first nor is he alone in the belief that Sky’s future would be better served if the Town were simply allowed to disappear into history. Like all decisions, disincorporation comes with costs and therefore warrants discussion, reflection and the balancing of potential advantages and disadvantages. Rick has laid out …

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Skykomish Mayor Fred Black Unexpectedly Resigns

Skykomish Mayor Fred Black resigned suddenly following the blockbuster revelation that $2.3 million in Town funds have gone missing (see: YouTube’s 21 part ‘Municipal Suicide’ series) Black announced via social media that ‘he’s moving to Kansas to begin a new life.’ Mayor Black, along with Town Council, helped destroy Sky’s environment by allowing BNSF Railway …

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Juice Rap News on TPP (video)

Juice Rap on the evil TPP. * * * * * Fair Use Notice: This website post may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for news reporting, educational and other limited purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 of …

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9/11 Hijackers’ Passports Issued by CIA (video)

State Department official, Mike Springman, summoned the courage to step out onto the point and become a hero. Springman may not be recognised as a hero by his employer, but history will record this contribution to freedom and liberty. Courage is a rare and precious commodity. President John Kennedy said: “The ignorance of one voter …

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Interstate Highway Overpass Signs Exploding

We’ve been seeing them on the I-5 drive from Seattle to Tacoma, but didn’t realize overpass protesters are national movement that’s rapidly gaining steam.    

Juice Rap News – History is Happening (video)

Juice Rap News offers youthful, cutting edge perspective to today’s world changing events. This assemblage of  young talent from around the globe is truly extraordinary, especially given its low budget. Juice Rap News is but the latest example of how and why main stream media has lost much of its viewership and the opinion bending clout that came …

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